Below is an article written by Jessie Briel, One of our past Manager’s at our CNY Healing Arts Center in Rochester, NY that was published in Messenger Posts Health Section.

Picture this: You finally find the time to use the CNY Healing Arts Wellness Center & Spa gift card that you received as a birthday present. As the end of your work day approaches, your mind becomes more aware of your body. The tension in your neck and shoulders from craning over your keyboard all day becomes more apparent as the clock ticks toward closing time. Before long, you are scooting out to your car, crawling through the rush hour traffic, and arrive at CNY Healing Arts. Your nose wrinkles as you half-jog to the entrance through the chilly winter air. As you push through the thick mahogany door, your body is enveloped in warmth. A welcoming, friendly face greets you with a smile and kindly asks to hang your coat for you.

As the receptionist leads you to the lobby, you pass through the Fertile Grounds Café, where CNY’s very own barista offers to take your drink order. You choose a Café Latte made with Gimme! Coffee Espresso, Ithaca’s finest, repeatedly voted top espresso bar by the New York Times. You enter the spa lobby and sink into the plush leather couch, letting every muscle in your body fully release for the first time in what seems like an eternity. You slowly sip your drink, allowing it warm you from the inside out. The glow from the fireside dances across your cheeks, and you begin to remember what it truly means to feel at home.

Dr. Robert Kiltz, Owner and Founder of CNY Healing Arts and CNY Fertility Center, believes that first impressions are lasting impressions. From the wellness center’s enticing aesthetic atmosphere to the 5-star customer care that our staff strives to provide our clients with each and every day, just sitting in the lobby is a treatment within itself. What’s our secret? Positive energy.

Positive energy is the foundation of all 3 of Dr. Kiltz’s centers, housed in Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. He empowers his staff and clients to think and speak with positive words and to always envision success in any area of life. This energy is contagious and flows throughout the center freely, rejuvenating the spirits of its guests.  This feeling goes far beyond the lobby:  it embodies every practitioner, every treatment and every service that CNY Healing Arts provides. When you finally find some much-deserved time to pamper yourself, CNY Healing Arts offers a plethora of services to help you reach your goals.


Let’s start with massage therapy. We know that our clients have a wide range of needs that cannot be confined to one type of massage. So, we chose to name our service “Custom Massage”, so that we could give our clients carte blanche to tailor their treatment to their needs and to allow our therapists to create this perfect fit with no restrictions. We also provide Maya Abdominal Massage, which is a specialized type of therapy that aids in relieving symptoms related to digestive issues such, uterine alignment, irregular menstruation, fertility issues, breeched positioning of baby during pregnancy, frequent urination, migraines and much more.


Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that serves to balance the energy and blood flow in your body. Tiny, hair-thin needles are used on specific points on your body, depending on the symptoms you choose to treat. The most common misconception is that this treatment inflicts pain! Our Licensed acupuncturists are very gentle and experienced. Our treatments are performed with precision and grace, ensuring that you are as comfortable as humanly possible while receiving your acupuncture treatment, allowing us to maximize the benefits that you receive from your treatment. Acupuncture treats countless symptoms, a few being pain relief, fertility issues, facial rejuvenation, nausea associated with pregnancy, addiction (including smoking cessation), and more!


CNY Healing Arts in Rochester partnered with Aveda to provide natural, environmentally-friendly skincare treatments for our clients. Whether you’re looking to perfect your skin with a facial or get your makeup done for an event or wedding, we have anything and everything you need at your disposal! CNY Estheticians perform Aveda facials, skin resurfacing treatments such as plant peels or gomage treatments, body wraps & scrubs, Aveda makeup applications and even makeup lessons! In addition, CNY offers waxing & nail services. We recently added Harmony Gelish® gel manicures and pedicures to our list of specialties!


Balance and stress reduction are two huge benefits of practicing yoga at CNY Healing Arts. Aside from the far-reaching physical benefits of yoga, it also calms & soothes your mind and soul. CNY’s intimate studio houses classes of less than 20 students, promoting more one-on-one time with the instructors and allowing students to tailor the class to their needs for each class. Each CNY instructor is dedicated to improving the practice of their students, guiding them step by step. We have many classes for beginners at CNY, and your first class here is free! Consider this a personal invitation to stop by, take a breath, de-stress and leave class feeling nothing short of carefree.

Dr. Kiltz created CNY Healing Arts Wellness Center & Spa with a purpose: stress reduction for his clients. Every day, we exercise positive energy and healing modalities to leave our clients feeling renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated.