A Valentine’s Day Gift Just For You
Posted by: cnyha on Feb 05, 2015 in news
“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” ~Lucille Ball This Valentine’s Day remember the most important person in your life—you.  When we first give ourselves the love that we need, it flows to everyone around us.  It can make us more relaxed, productive, confident, and energetic.  It can give us sense of peace
Yoga for Posture
Posted by: cnyha on Jul 28, 2013 in news
Remember when we were kids, and we were told by parents, teachers, and other adults to “stand up tall” or “sit up straight”? Posture—it make us look taller, more confident, focused and alert (and even thinner)—but there’s a lot more to it than that. Posture is responsible for the proper alignment of our vital organs
Yoga: Eastern Influence on Exercise in the West
Posted by: cnyha on Nov 29, 2012 in news
The east has made a huge impact on our western culture, including our exercise routines and the way in which we approach our health and wellbeing. The benefits of incorporating a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach to our wellness is more mainstream now. Hindu monks, beginning with Swami Vivekananda, brought yoga to the West
Rochester: Yoga Workshops this Weekend – Join Us on the Mat!
Posted by: cnyha on Nov 15, 2012 in news
Good morning! We have some wonderful events coming up and wanted to share them with you. If we don’t see you before the Thanksgiving Holiday, we wish for you to have a blessed time with family and friends. Yoga Events this Weekend: Rest and Restore!: A Restorative Yoga Workshop Friday, November 16th, 5:30-6:45pm With Ijlal
Syracuse Yogis: NEW Yoga Session Begins Monday, November 12, 2012
Posted by: cnyha on Nov 09, 2012 in news
Good morning! We have a new yoga session beginning on Monday, November 12th. There are just a few changes but be sure to look the schedule over and please join us on the mat soon!! As always, please feel free to call us with any questions or to register for a class or workshop 315.671.5755.