Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal yoga offers many wonderful benefits for the mother-to-be. The months leading up to the birth of your baby are an exhilarating and wonderful experience. It can also be a little stressful at times with all of the preparation for your delightful bundle (perhaps, a little exhausting too). Yoga helps the mind and body prepare for the months (and years) ahead!

In prenatal yoga, the gentle stretching exercises will help the muscles in your body. During pregnancy, there are new aches and pains that you may not have experienced before such as lower backache. Yoga can help to strengthen the muscles in the back which help to support the weight of the baby. Strengthening the muscles in the back, arms, and neck will help later when you’re feeding and carrying your child!

It is advisable to lift from the legs versus bending over at the waist throughout pregnancy and is a good practice in general. Yoga helps to tone the leg muscles and contribute to lower body strength. This overall fitness will help when getting the baby into car seats and in and out of vehicles or strollers.

Prenatal yoga also focuses on proper breathing methods which will help during the labor process to stay focused and help the body and mind to relax. Also, the body’s balance is altered during pregnancy and yoga may help with stability. Yoga teaches us to stay focused on the present moment which is wonderful to learn as you enjoy every moment with your new family! Another added bonus is yoga’s ability to aid in circulation, which is especially important during the prenatal time to help blood flow to necessary areas of the body.

Learning to take these moments for yourself now and after the baby is born is so important for your physical and emotional well-being.

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