Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga offers many wonderful benefits for the mother-to-be. The months leading up to the birth of your baby are an exhilarating and wonderful experience. It can also be a little stressful at times with all of the preparation for your delightful bundle (perhaps, a little exhausting too). Yoga helps the mind and body prepare for the months (and years) ahead!

In prenatal yoga, the gentle stretching exercises will help the muscles in your body. During pregnancy, there are new aches and pains that you may not have experienced before such as lower backache. Yoga can help to strengthen the muscles in the back which help to support the weight of the baby. Strengthening the muscles in the back, arms, and neck will help later when you’re feeding and carrying your child!

It is advisable to lift from the legs versus bending over at the waist throughout pregnancy and is a good practice in general. Yoga helps to tone the leg muscles and contribute to lower body strength. This overall fitness will help when getting the baby into car seats and in and out of vehicles or strollers.

Prenatal yoga also focuses on proper breathing methods which will help during the labor process to stay focused and help the body and mind to relax. Also, the body’s balance is altered during pregnancy and yoga may help with stability. Yoga teaches us to stay focused on the present moment which is wonderful to learn as you enjoy every moment with your new family! Another added bonus is yoga’s ability to aid in circulation, which is especially important during the prenatal time to help blood flow to necessary areas of the body.

Learning to take these moments for yourself now and after the baby is born is so important for your physical and emotional well-being.

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The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga and Meditation

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is a wonderful and joyful blessing in a couple’s life!  It is easy, however, to get caught up with all of the preparations which can create some anxiety and stress for a mother-to-be and her partner as they prepare for the birth of their child.

Prenatal yoga classes can be a wonderful way for the expectant mother and her partner to take time out for themselves in a relaxing atmosphere.  Benefits of prenatal yoga for the mother-to-be include:  increased strength, flexibility, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, and better balance.  Yoga during pregnancy can help to alleviate lower back pain and sciatica, aids in digestion, decreases tiredness, headaches, and can help you prepare physically for the birthing process.  Some reports say that it helps to decrease the nausea that often accompanies the first trimester, as well as improves one’s sleep.  Taking yoga classes with your partner can help foster a sense of teamwork which is beneficial during childbirth and into parenting as well.

Meditation can help you to focus which is especially valuable during childbirth.  Meditation also helps to decrease fears and anxiety that may be present at such a time.  Using calm, cleansing breaths during meditation can help you during your labor as well.  The use of mantras and visualization can be used during the prenatal stage right into the childbirth, which helps you to stay focused.  Visualizing a relaxing scene in your mind can help put you into an immediate state of peace.

Meditation, especially combined with yoga can further enhance the wondrous, joyful experience in life and help to prepare you for the miracle to come.  Prenatal yoga and meditation connect your mind, body, and spirit.  These practices can help you to be more ‘in the moment’ which is a beautiful thing during pregnancy, parenting, and beyond!

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The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga or are already an experienced yoga practitioner, you can enjoy the benefits of prenatal yoga before, during and after labor. By attending a prenatal yoga class, you are becoming a part of something similar to a community. You will meet other pregnant women who are on the same journey and experiencing the same feelings as you. More importantly, you will be doing good by your baby-to-be.

As you and your pals progress through pregnancy, your instructor will alter your yoga routine to best fit your needs. As you may already know, your pregnancy is divided into trimesters, lasting three months each. A positive, supportive environment, such as a prenatal yoga class offers, can really help you stay on a healthy emotional track throughout all the different stages of pregnancy by keeping you fit and giving you a regular motivational boost.

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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

  • Keeps you limber
  • Tones your muscles and keeps them strong
  • Minimizes water retention, which helps to reduce swelling, especially in the legs, ankles and hands
  • Prevents insomnia
  • Eases back pain or discomfort
  • Encourages proper posture, providing optimum internal space for your growing baby
  • Improves balance
  • Develops a sense of inner focus and peace
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps control weight gain
  • Alleviates mood swings
  • Trains you to stay calm
  • Reduces overall stress level
  • Helps your body deal with stress by lowering heart and breathing rates
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Promotes mind and body awareness
  • Develops concentration and focus
  • Helps pregnant women adapt gracefully to physical changes
  • Decreases constipation and fatigue

Supine Hypotension: Lying on your back during pregnancy

CNY Healing Arts Prenatal Yoga and Laying Downby Christa Tyson – Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula and Mom at CNY Healing Arts in Rochester, NY

I teach Prenatal Yoga at CNY Healing Arts in Rochester, NY.  Frequently I hear students ask if it is safe to practice supine (on the back) yoga poses.   Many doctors tell pregnant women not to rest or exercise on the back during pregnancy.  Lying on the back during pregnancy after 20-22 weeks gestation can create a pooling of blood in the lower legs.  How does this happen?  The growing uterus may rest on the vena cava and aorta that transport blood to and from the heart.  But did you know that more women feel the effects of this hypotension from standing upright?  I bet your doctor didn’t tell you to stop standing!

Standing upright and still during the third trimester can reduce maternal cardiac output by as much as 18%.  Lying in a supine position (on the back) with legs extended can reduce cardiac output by as much as 9% in the second and third trimester. (Women’s Fitness Program Development, Ann F. Crowlin)  In order to keep your body safe during pregnancy you will need to develop confidence to listen to your body and act accordingly.  If standing still starts to feel uncomfortable move and sway the hips, shift your weight or better yet.. sit down.  If lying on your back starts to feel uncomfortable roll to your left side.  Lying on the left side during pregnancy brings more blood flow to the uterus.

To avoid hypotensive syndromes during my yoga classes I educate my students and encourage them to listen to their body.  First we discuss hypotension, what it feels like and what causes it.  Then I always give the students a choice to participate in the standing and supine positions or choose other poses.   If students choose to do supine poses we spend no more than 3 minutes in the pose and I encourage the women to roll to their left side if any discomfort is felt.  Studies show that 3-5 minutes of exercise in supine positions had no adverse effects. (Women’s Fitness Program Development, Ann F. Crowlin).

I encourage you to talk with your doctor or midwife and discuss the signs and symptoms of hypotensive syndrome. Although I am trained to keep women safe in my prenatal yoga classes, your doctor knows you much better than I do.  Trust their advice and remember we can always find yoga poses specific to your needs and comfort level in my prenatal yoga classes!  There will always be choices.  Hope to see you soon.


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Prenatal Yoga: Focus and Benefits

Christa, Yoga CNY Healing Arts

The most common things we tend to focus on in Prenatal yoga are:

  • Back pain
  • Nausea and Constipation
  • Varicose Veins
  • Swelling and Inflammation around the feet/hands
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Fear and Worry
  • Positions woman can use during labor and childbirth
  • Pelvic floor
  • and much more….

There are so many emotional and physical benefits gained from prenatal yoga!  We do exercises to strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation to both mother and baby, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort.  The girls in the classes develop a deeper understanding and connection with their babies, bodies and also learn important relaxation techniques to keep them stress and worry free.  The class is also a great support system for the women.  The ladies really enjoy chatting with each other and bonding over pregnancy blooper stories!

In the Parent and Baby yoga class I bring my baby Jaia to class with me!  He is 8 months and has been a wonderful assistant and he is probably CNY’s youngest employee!! haha.  Just like Prenatal yoga, I ask the parents what they would like to work on and how they are feeling.  I mention that the class is a comfortable supportive place, so if a baby gets fussy or needs some loving, parents are free to take a break to feed, change diapers, kiss, cuddle or do what ever the baby needs to feel blessed during their time at CNY.  Happy baby=Happy parent!

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga for the Parent
Mom’s will regain strength, energy and stamina that was lost during the pregnancy and birth. All exercises are safe and geared toward the postnatal body, focusing on rebuilding strength within the abdominal area, pelvic muscles and back. Mom’s will learn how to release tension in the neck and shoulders as well as bring balance back to the spine after experiencing the stresses of pregnancy and labor. Infants enjoy spending quality one on one time with their Mom or Dad.

Benefits for the Baby:
Tactile, auditory and visual contact is important for child’s brain development and emotional well-being and can help assimilate trust and security. Trust and security lead to development of self confidence, the foundation of a balanced body, mind and spirit. By practicing certain postural sequences the parents can help establish routine, which builds on the babies knowledge of anticipation which can help develop language. Their baby may also sleep better and longer as a result of the physical and mental stimulation gained during postnatal yoga.

Mothers recovering from Cesarean delivery should wait at least 6-10 weeks then get the “green light” from their care provider before enrollment in yoga. Mothers that are recovering from vaginal birth should wait 4-6 weeks and also get the “green light” from their care provider. Adoptive caregiver or Partners can begin at anytime.

Don’t forget I also teach a yoga class for everyone on Thursday’s!  This class is open to students of all levels. Each class is specifically designed around the individual students needs and progress, helping them stay challenged.  We connect the breath with the movement of the body during the “flow” of yoga, which helps the busy mind relax.

Christa Corsaro Tyson, Certified Yoga Instructor

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy and birthing are wonderful stages in a woman’s life. In Prenatal yoga, you will connect with your innate feminine wisdom that guides you through your pregnancy. Read more