Acupuncture Session Transcript

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Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Today, Donald is going to walk us through an example of acupuncture for fertility session.  Now, we will show you exactly what you can expect, so you can take a look and see what you’re in for.  If you have any questions after this, please feel free to email Donald himself or you can post a comment, and we’ll get back to you.

Donald: Good afternoon everybody.  I’m just going to take this time to give you a nice example how acupuncture would go for your first appointment or for follow-up for people who have had acupuncture, you understand how it goes and what’s involved.  For people that have yet to have it, this will be a nice introduction as to what to expect.  What I’m going to do is treat the client here for fertility issues; mainly stress reduction, as well as to build lining and increase blood flow to the ovaries.  All that is beneficial for follicular development, lining issues, and general health.  So, how are you feeling today?  Is there anything that’s troubling you?

Client:  I’m a little tense.

Donald:  You’re a little tense?  OK.  From what I remembered from the last time that we spoke, you were having some constipation issues.  That is really common with a lot of medications.  If it’s OK with you, I’d like to continue with you treating moving bowels.

Client:  Yes, sure.

Donald: Oh, that’s wonderful.  So you’ll notice that we’re going to do some points in the abdomen.  These points are geared towards moving bowels and increasing blood flow to the ovaries and to the uterus.  We’re also going to move to the brow, and to the ears.  These points help relax clients, they also slow the brain wavelengths so that your brain is functioning a little bit calmer, and the body tends to settle as well.  We’re going to do a couple points on the wrists, points here on the wrists help to open and dilate blood vessels; they also help to calm the mind, which is very good.  We’re also going to do some points down on the lower leg.  These are the points that help strengthen blood and they help strengthen and process the developing blood, OK?  Do you have any questions?

Client:  No.

Donald:  All of the needles that we use are pre-packaged and disposable.  Nothing is reused, they’re all very safe.  We use a very high quality Japanese needle.  It’s very common for people to often say that they haven’t even felt the needles go in, which is a nice aspect.  Once we start the needle manipulation that kind of determines how much you feel and how much you don’t feel.  Today, we’re going to take it easy on you—you’re very healthy.

Client:  OK.

Donald:  I’m going to step around.  Needle insertion and angle are very important in the process when treating with acupuncture.  You can stimulate a point or you can take the energy away from a point.  It truly depends on the condition.  How are you feeling?

Client:  Good.

Donald:  Good.  Now, we’re going to move to the head.  Sometimes the points up by the brow area can be used for sinuses and sinus pressure which also results in a lot of headaches.  So, often times we’ll treat patients and they’ll find that conditions that they have other than their chief complaint ease as well which is a wonderful thing, a wonderful side effect of acupuncture is stress reduction and the treatment of secondary conditions.  Are you comfortable?

Client:  Yes.

Donald:  Is there anything that I can do to make you more comfortable?

Client:  No.

Donald:  Does anything hurt?

Client:  No.

Donald:  You’re OK?  The last thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to add some heat method/heat treatment.  We use simple heat lamps.  It helps circulate blood so it’ll help keep you a little bit warmer, OK?  Now, this whole treatment will last about 30-40 minutes depending on your comfort and your time schedule.  Is there anything that I can do to make you more comfortable?

Client:  No, it’s really good.

Donald:  What I’m going to do now is I’m going to add some music.  OK?

Donald Clarke, L.Ac.
CNY Healing Arts – Syracuse