Acupuncture: Calm, De-stress, Lighten the Load

By Rebecca Rice Published on

Lilies, CNY Healing ArtsWhile I was visiting a friend today I noticed a picture she had on her wall by Diego Rivera. In it a man was hunched down, what was seen of his face looked like he was strained by the normalcy of work; he was carrying a large basket of beautiful white lilies on his back.  From this painting I gathered a metaphor of life having that same sense of burden.  At times something so inherently beautiful can seem like a heavy load.  This is a perfectly normal and human experience. Fortunately there are many tools available to ease the burdens, some of which are created by our stagnant thoughts and emotions and some through illness.

One of the tools available at CNY Healing Arts is acupuncture.  One of the benefits of acupuncture is its ability to create space for the client.  When life is overwhelming acupuncture can be a valuable treatment option.  It calms the mind and eases the stress we feel in the body.  The treatments allow you to release the sense of angst, fear and despair.

Along with easing the discomforts generated by stress and difficulty, acupuncture provides many physiological benefits.  The stimulation of acupuncture points has been shown to regulate blood circulation, which aids in the recovery from injury, chronic pain, surgery, and provides more efficient blood flow to the ovaries and uterus.

Supported by studies, acupuncture has been shown to regulate the hormones including FSH, LH, estrogen and testosterone.  A review of research from 1970 to 2009 advocated the use of acupuncture for PCOS on the grounds that it can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, reduce ovarian cysts, increase insulin sensitivity, decrease blood glucose and insulin levels, and reduce cortisol and assist in weight loss.

Science is demonstrating that acupuncture, like life, is full of possibility.


Rebecca Rice M.S., L.Ac.
Acupuncturist at CNY Healing Arts Center, Latham, NY
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