Waxing at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, NY

Waxing at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, NY

Waxing at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, NY

Our CNY Healing Art Centers in Upstate New York specialize in top of the line skincare! Waxing services are available at our CNY Healing Arts Syracuse, NY location to get in those hard to reach areas and keep your skin baby soft! We are continually striving to stay up to date with the latest in skincare.

Our estheticians are highly skilled and know the tips and tricks to help make your waxing appointment as pain-free as possible!

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For everything, you need to know about waxing- see below!

Fast Facts about Waxing

  • Waxing is an alternative to shaving
  • Waxing effects last longer (3-4 weeks) than shaving
  • Benefits of waxing include: soft skin, no cuts or bruises, slow hair re-growth, generally irritation-free
  • Side Effects may include: bleeding, bumps, redness, skin irritation
  • Pain minimizes the more often waxing is done
  • Hair generally grows back thinner

What is Waxing?

Waxing is the process of removing unwanted hair from parts of the body by applying heated wax and peeling it off, including the hairs.

What are the Difference Types of Waxes?

Generally speaking, there are two different types of waxes that are used at CNY Healing Arts in  Syracuse:

  • Strip wax: Srip wax uses a strip of “paper” to pull the wax off. The wax used with strips adheres not only to the top layer of hair but to the top layer of skin as well, which causes more irritation. Redness and swelling are sometimes side effects.
  • Hard wax: Hard wax is exactly that, hard, and does not need the paper to pull it off. It can be applied to the skin and pulled off directly. It adheres only to the hair and is thus more gentle on the skin.

Regardless of the type of wax, the wax is heated and then applied to the skin with a wooden applicator. The choice to use hard or strip wax is based on personal preference. The hard wax is typically more gentle on the skin, therefore more generally used in a Brazilian or Bikini wax but can also be used on areas such as the eyebrows, face, or underarm.

How long does a Wax Last?

It typically takes 3-4 weeks for the hair to start growing back. This also depends on the person and the type of hair they have. Getting regular waxes helps hair grow back on a schedule and usually thinner.

How to Prepare for a Wax?

It is best to perform a gentle exfoliate about 2-3 days before treatment. This allows all the dead skin to be sloughed away and minimize clogged pores. A light exfoliation or use of a washcloth will do the trick. Don’t excessively exfoliate as this will irritate the skin.

For mostly all body areas, hair should be grown out to about ¼ inch long (the length of a grain of rice) or about two weeks before getting your wax. This ensures the esthetician can grasp the hair with the wax to pull out. If the hair is too short, the follicle won’t come out, and you may be left with patches.

Avoid tanning or swimming about 24 hours before your appointment.

Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol on the day of your wax. These two things can cause pores to tighten, making the experience more painful.

You can take an over the counter pain reliever before treatment, such as Ibuprofen.

Make sure any area you are looking to get waxed is not exposed to the sun or sauna for three days before treatment.

Different Types of Waxing:

Face Wax: Lip, Eyebrow, Chin, Full Face

  • Every three weeks is typically a good schedule for waxing services on your face.
  • Hair needs to be long enough for the wax to grip.
  • Never get waxed on the day of a special event. The skin around where you are getting waxed will typically be red for a few hours after treatment.

      Underarm Wax

      Either the strip wax or the hard wax can be used on an underarm wax. The esthetician will start by cleansing your armpit, removing any build-up from the day. Try not to wear deoderant to your appointment. After the arm has been cleansed, the wax will be applied. If there are hairs left over, your esthetician may go in with tweezers after checking with you. This is a sensitive ara where pain might be higher.


      • Wear a top where your underarm can be easily accessible
      • Avoid tanning for a few days after your wax, as the skin will be more susceptible to sun damage.

      Arm Wax

      Arm waxing is great for people who need sleek looking arms such as models or swimmers. It leaves the arms without stuble from shaving. Some people who have a lot of arm hair notice a difference in the way their clothes fit/feel with less hair. Hairless arms are more convenient for moisturizing, exfoliating, and overall skincare.


      • The skin might be more irritated or susceptible to sun damage from having less hair.
      • The skin might be over-exfoliated
      • Stubble can be awkward during the growing out phase

      Full or Half Leg Wax

      Leg waxes are great for people who hate shaving every day. The longer growing period makes legs smooth and hair-free for weeks instead of only a few days. Whn you first start getting waxes, your legs will not be baby-smooth at first. The hair is conditioned to grow a certain way and time. Over time with continued leg waxing, the hair will adjust to waxing over shaving.


      • It will be more comfortable to wear baggy pants after your wax
      • Avoid exfoliating the legs for at least 3 days
      • Take a cold-warm shower, excessive heat is not good for freshly waxed legs
      • Avoid activities where you might excessively sweat

      Bikini, French Bikini & Brazilian Wax

      The Bikini/Brazilian wax removes hair from the pelvic region. Depending on which variation you choose determines how much hair will be removed.  With any variation, you can expect your whole lower half to be exposed. You will be in a private room with just your esthetician. They are used to this. Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, it just another service to them. This is their business, so don’t worry about exposing yourself so much! Some places offer disposable underwear, but for anything more than a bikini, you will need to be completely bottomless. Depending on the amount of hair being removed- be prepared to assist your waxer by moving into different positions or holding parts of your body.

      What is the difference between a Bikini, French Bikini & Brazilian Wax?

      • Bikini: The side of the bikini line gets waxed
      • French Bikini: The sides plus in a little bit leaving hair down the center of the front
      • Brazilian: All hair is removed from front to back and everywhere in between

      It typically takes 3-4 weeks for the hair to start growing back. This also depends on the person and the type of hair they have. The first time is always the worst pain wise as you don’t know what to expect. Once you get into a routine, the hairs will start to grow back in the same cycle and your body will get more used to it. Although it will never feel great, the pain should get easier with time. You can pop an ibuprofen before arrival to help minimize discomfort.


      • Exfoliate the skin every other day to ensure the dead skin does not get trapped inside the follicles; this is how ingrown hairs are created. Avoid activities where you will sweat, swim, or have sun exposure immediately after a wax. Give yourself a few hours.
      • Once all the main areas of hair are removed, your waxer may go back through with some little wax spots or a tweezer to get any leftover hairs.
      • It is best to have a wax done a few days before a big event. For example, if you are going to the beach, make sure to get the wax at least three days before. This allows your skin to heal before hitting it with sand. This also allows any redness, bumps, or irritation to go away.
      • Wearing loose clothing is always a good option as well as bringing a fresh pair of underwear- you will feel some mild soreness afterward.

      Waxing Risks & Side Effects 

      • Bleeding, bumps, irritation, rash
      • Waxing will typically bleed more if a woman is on her period
      • Women will typically experience more pain if they are pregnant
      • Talk to your doctor before getting a wax if you are using:
        • Antibiotics
        • Hormone Replacement
        • Birth Control
        • Acne Medication
        • Topical Retinoids
      • You will feel mild discomfort with all waxing. Some areas will be more tolerable than others. It also depends on each individuals pain tolerance

      Waxing Pricing at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse

      In Syracuse, we offer a range of waxing services to meet your every need! Our estheticians are highly skilled and have been practicing for 20+ years to perfect their craft. They make each session as painless as possible. You are in good hands when you have a waxing service with us!

      Services & Prices in Syracuse:

      • Eyebrow $15
      • Lip $14
      • Chin $14
      • Full Face (eyebrows, lip, chin, and jawline) $54
      • Underarms $30
      • Half Arm $30
      • Full Arm $50
      • Half Leg $40
      • Full Leg $70
      • Bikini $35
      • French Bikini $45

      Call 315-671-5755 to make your appointment today!