Maya Abdominal Massage-Uterine Position & Infertility

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Hello, my name is Erika Lutwin, Licensed Massage Therapist and a certified Maya Abdominal Practitioner here at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse.  I’m talking just a few minutes today more about the Maya Abdominal Therapy.  Maya Abdominal Therapy has been practiced here in the Syracuse location for two years; we’ve had a great deal of success with this.  The idea behind the Maya Abdominal Therapy is that we’re dealing with the uterus and guiding the uterus back into position.  The uterus is held into place by ten ligaments.  Those ligaments attach back on the sacral area.  It’s very easy for the uterus to become displaced.  It could be from a bad fall on the tailbone, or sacral area, it could be from a past pregnancy.  What this is doing, it leads to the uterus becoming displaced.  When the uterus becomes displaced, sometimes fertility is an issue, sometimes menstrual cycles are very irregular or they don’t happen at all.  So, what we’re doing is trying to guide the uterus back into its optimum place.

We need a little bit of time when we’re doing this.  Many times when people are setting up an IUI or IVF cycle, they’re coming in the day before or the week before.  We like to have people come in a few times, spread out over a number of weeks so that we can get things kind of going and make those changes happen.   We also teach you self-care.  That’s where we notice the biggest changes come from is the actual self-care.  That only takes us about 5 minutes a day.  At a typical session, we have you come in and fill out a very-detailed intake form where we’re going to ask you certain questions; we do the treatment, and then teach you the self-care.  Then what we do is we like to have you come back every two or three weeks, again spread out over a few months.  Then, we just kind of go with it.  We just see if the changes are going to happen and adjust as needed.  One of the things that we really do encourage people if you’re coming in and if you’re doing a consult is to come over next door; or if you’re in the Albany or Rochester area location, talking to the Maya Abdominal practitioner, and setting up a meeting or a consult.  We can go over a little bit further your health history and we can talk to you a little bit further about what we can do to help you.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us or email us at any time.  Thank you for your time.

Erika Lutwin, LMT
CNY Healing Arts Center, Syracuse
191 Intrepid Lane, Syracuse, NY 13205

*As of March 2020 The Arvigo Techniques of Mayaa Abdominal Massage are currently only offered at our CNY Rochester Location.

*We do offer fertility massage in Syracuse and Albany.