meditating in bedEarly morning is a great time to meditate.  Before you even rise out of bed, when the house is quiet before other activities, energies, anxieties, etc. start to vibrate around you, you should use the opportunity to put out your positive energy, intention, and vibration for the day.  Laying quietly in bed and visualizing how you’d like your day to go is the best way to start your day in a positive way.  Imagine your warm cup of coffee waiting for you, your drive to work going smoothly, accomplishing each task at work perfectly, and coming home to a comforting loving atmosphere.  If you have a significant event taking place that day, like a presentation at work for example, picture yourself performing that perfectly.  The more positivity you put into your intentions for the day the more likely your day will go just as you’d like it to.

At the end of your day, when you are getting ready to go to sleep for the night, you should meditate once more.  Let your mind relax and be at ease with how the day went.  Accept any challenges that presented themselves to you as positive, new learning experiences that you will grow from.  After your mind has come to peace with the day’s events let your mind drift into how you’d like tomorrow to go.  Think of all the great things you have going on the next day and how, ideally, you’d like them to play out. Have fun with this! It is your fantasy, your desire, which in turn creates your reality!  Own it! Make it YOURS! Don’t worry about the “how” (the specifics of exactly how each tiny detail will work itself out) just enjoy the thoughts of what you’d like to have occur and the universe will work out the how. Sometimes the how comes in the most unexpected ways!

When you enjoy your thoughts you are attracting them to you in a very powerful way.  Meditating each morning and each night can be a very powerful tool in creating your reality from your own thoughts and desires.