Enjoy a Body Scrub: Exfoliation for Healthy Skin

By CNY Healing Arts Published on

Citrus Body Scrub - Syracuse CNY Healing ArtsDuring the winter months, your skin can become dry and itchy. With the heaters running all the time in our homes and vehicles, the moisture in the air gets removed – and tends to zap the moisture in our skin as well!

A little extra TLC can go a long way in taking good care of your skin.  Make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water; and try to take warm (not hot), short showers, and keep up with exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

Our skin cells are constantly renewing themselves, but sometimes the old skin cells stay on the top of the skin making it appear dry and flaky.  When adding moisturizer on top of this skin, it just sits there and does not ‘sink’ into the skin. This is why exfoliation is so important.

A Body Scrub from CNY Healing Arts is the perfect remedy, and the best way to renew that smooth and glowing skin of yours.  When moisturizer is applied to your freshly exfoliated skin, it can work its way into the pores to allow it to soften and retain moisture.  This moisture that is then in the skin also helps to build a barrier to external elements.

Whether you just want to get your skin in top shape or you have a special occasion coming up, give us a call at CNY Healing Arts Center and let us help customize a body treatment that’s right for you!

All services are not offered at all locations, Body Scrubs only offered at our Syracuse Location

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