The Balance of Yin and Yang
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The theory of yin and yang is one of the most important and fundamental concepts of acupuncture and oriental medicine. The philosophy of yin and yang is as old as Asian history itself. Yet, it is one of the most misunderstood and difficult ideas to get a grasp of.  While I have been practicing Chinese medicine for over 10 years in NYC and here in the Syracuse area at CNY Healing Arts, it is the question I encounter most. Patients are often curious about how the theory of yin and yang relates to their health and what they can do to help themselves.

Most of us are raised with the concept of duality seeing the positive and negative aspects of life, as it is a basic education to make us a responsible member of society and for ourselves. We are taught to defeat the evil and often rewarded for being good. The concept, however, does not apply to the theory of yin and yang.

The concept of positive and negative does not correlate directly to yin and yang. Neither does the concept of good and evil. It is this misunderstanding that causes the confusion among patients whom were misguided.  The concept of yin and yang not only describes the opposite elements or phenomenon, it also includes the model of support and harmony. Yin and yang teaches us the idea of relativity as the stability of matter can only be achieved by maintaining the balance. There will be chaos and eventually death and destruction if this balance breaks or one of the elements of yin and yang gets extremely strong.

Our health depends on the same concept of maintaining the balance. We should not only look for ways to improve on deficiencies, but also find ways to reduce excesses. We also should be aware that this concept applies to our spiritual and emotional state as well. We should understand that the extreme state of our emotion harms the state of our well being. We can overcome this by realizing there is an opposite force in existence, not only in the future or in our imagination but occurring simultaneously as well. By practicing visualizations of this philosophy, we will be more at ease.

There is a universal attraction which holds these opposing but interdependent and inter-supporting elements together. I would like to call this universal bonding agent, love.

Chi Heon Yi, L.Ac.
CNY Healing Arts, Syracuse, NY
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