Eyebrow Sculpting

By CNY Healing Arts Published on

Start off your fall look with classic eyebrow sculpting from CNY Healing Arts Center!  It’s that time of year for change—the leaves turn color and the cooler, crisp weather sets in.  It’s also a  fun time of year to play with warm, rich, earthy eye colors like smoky-chestnut browns, and this season’s jewel-toned greens,  violets, and blues.  Having sculpted eyebrows help to create an even more dramatic, playful look for these colors.

Eyebrow sculpting has been around since early Egyptian times (Queen Nefertiti sported the sculpted brow).  Although certain looks have come and gone since then, a well-defined, sculpted arch that perfectly frames the face has never gone out of style!  At CNY Healing Arts Centers, we will create a customized look for you to accentuate your natural look and make it even more radiant.

Our estheticians will first determine where the brow should start and end.  Then they will create the perfect optimal arch in between those points.  Having this definition in the arch helps to make the eyes appear more youthful and rested.  A flat brow makes the eyes appear tired, or even worried looking.  On the other hand, an over-emphasized arch can give the look of surprise—and while it’s nice to feel surprised, we don’t want to constantly look like we are!

The eyebrows are then waxed removing the stray hairs above, below, and between the eyebrows.  The waxing in itself creates a luminous look in the brow bone.  If needed, eyebrows can be trimmed to uniform size giving them a neat appearance.  Brush them upwards afterwards, set them into place, and add a hint of color (if needed) and voila!—the perfect, polished eyebrow look!

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