Dry Brushing Massage at CNY Healing Arts Syracuse

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Dry Brushing Massage at CNY Healing Arts Syracuse

Dry Brushing Massage at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, NY

Our brand new service in Syracuse! Our CNY Healing Art Center in Syracuse New York has recently trained many of our massage therapists on this wonderful exfoliation massage technique!

Price of a 90 Minute Dry Brushing Massage in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse: $150/90 minute

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Read on to see why Dry Brushing is the ultimate massage service for you!

Fast Facts

  • This is a full-body exfoliation treatment
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Great for people with sensory sensitivity
  • Can break down cellulite

What is a Dry Brushing Massage?

Dry brushing is an exfoliation treatment that utilizes a coarse, natural-fiber bristles brush over the whole body in a rhythmic pattern. The pattern of movement helps increase body circulation and energy throughout the body.

The coarse bristles help remove dead skin cells which helps improve the skin’s overall texture. It also helps detox the body by opening and unclogging pores.

The Dry Brushing technique originated over 5,000 years ago as part of the holistic medicinal science of Ayurveda. It is said that regular dry brushing can help keep the body youthful. Dry brushing is still used in everyday beauty routines in India today.

Because of the increased flow of lymphatic drainage, performing regular dry brushing can help improve the texture of the skin leaving behind smoother, firmer-looking skin.


  • Exfoliation, leaving  behind smooth, soft skin
  • Relaxation
  • Release of toxins
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily

“For the Sensories:

A sensory brush is similar to a surgical scrub brush, or a brush you use to remove the silk from a cob of corn. These are beneficial for general sensory dysregulation, hyperactivity and tactile sensitivity.

It is beneficial for individuals who engage in undesired or unsafe behaviors, or who are sensory seeking. It can also help children who are overly cautious, picky eaters or slow-to-start. When used regularly, dry brushing can help a child optimize their activity and arousal levels, while reducing sensory defensiveness.” -www.brainbalancecenters.com


  • If you have sensitive skin, body acne/rosacea or eczema, or have a recent tattoo, avoid this treatment and opt for a regular, custom massage as to not cause further irritation.
  • This massage uses almond oil, if you have any nut allergies, please let us know when booking so we can use a different oi

How to Prepare for a Dry Brushing Massage

Massage is always best on cleansed skin, free from any lotions or oils. Make sure not to shave the day of to avoid any skin sensitivity. The day before is just fine.

What to Expect During a Dry Brushing Massage

During your dry brushing session, your massage therapist will use the brush in the palm of their hand to do circular motions along the whole body, typically starting with the feet and working their way up to your entire body. The brush works up the body in the direction of the heart. This is because of how the lymph system drains, towards the center of the body.

The brush is run over each body part typically around 10 times in a circular, clockwise motion before moving on to a different area.

Your skin might be lightly pink after your treatment. This is normal. The strokes should be smooth and soft. Your massage therapist will watch how your skin reacts to pressure to see if it needs to be lighter or deeper. If you ever feel like it is too rough, let your massage therapist know and they will adjust.


The cost of a dry brushing session ranges since this service can be performed at home. At CNY, it is $150/session but you get to take your brush home with instructions on how to perform this service regularly yourself.

Dry Brushing Massage at CNY in Syracuse

In Syracuse, we combine our dry brushing treatment with a 1-hour full-body massage making the whole session 90 minutes. Following the half-hour dry brushing session where your skin will be detoxed and impurities removed, your one-hour massage will bring hydration into the skin with your choice of oil. Both oils used are almond oil made by our very own herbalist Amanda (@botanical_handworks). Oil scents are plain or rosemary mint and the choice is yours on which one to use during your custom session!

What makes this session unique is that afterward, you will be able to take your brush home with a detailed instruction sheet from your massage therapist on how to perform dry brushing at home, on yourself! The benefits only increase from doing this regularly!

After your session, you will leave feeling refreshed & restored with the softest skin ever!

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