Woman Athletes and Maya Massage, CNY Healing ArtsFor the past year, CNY Healing Arts has been utilizing Maya Abdominal Therapy on a number of female and male athletes to alleviate a number of chronic injuries.  During this time, we have noticed a significant improvement with uterine and pelvic displacement with these clients.  As everyone begins to increase their training in preparation for the Skinnyman, this is a different massage modality that you may want to incorporate into your daily routine.  Maya Abdominal Therapy is a non-invasive, external massage technique that focuses on guiding internal abdominal organs into their proper position.  The massage helps with a number of issues including lymphatic and circulatory congestion in the abdomen, poor alignment of pelvic bones, and chronic muscle spasms around the low back and sacrum.

The blockage of the flow of fluid in and out of the abdominal region is the main cause of a displaced uterus, and congested prostate. Any distortion in uterine placement or prostate size can result in a decrease of blood flow to the organs. Lymph can be restricted by compression from organs and contraction of muscles.

For women, a major cause of uterine displacement is from running on cement surfaces.  The feet repeatedly striking a hard surface pulls uterine ligaments downward and forward and can cause weak pelvic floor muscles.  These ligaments can be stretched to their maximum tolerance in just one running session.   For both men and women, if the pelvis is displaced, it can lead to issues with IT Band Syndrome and knee pain.

Over worked and fatigued muscles around the lumbar and sacral areas can result in painful spasms and a lack of mobility.  These nerves can become irritated due to compression from these spasms. Many times individuals with chronic low back pain have experienced some type of trauma to the sacrum such as falling on ice, falling down stairs or car accidents.

Maya Abdominal Therapy can help to relieve many of these issues and help to eliminate injuries.  When you come in for a treatment we also teach everyone a 10 minute routine of self care.  Each individual is different and the time frame of change is equally different.  The self care is crucial for changes to take place and those who perform it daily, notice the biggest difference.

-Erika Lutwin BS, LMT

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