We hear a lot about antioxidants and how they are good for us, and there are many choices from chocolate and green tea to vitamins and supplements. Proflavanol is one of those options. It is a plant derived antioxidant combined with extracts from grape seeds. It actually helps your body remove waste (free radicals) produced by cells when they use oxygen. If you’ve ever had a car near the beach you know how salty air will cause it to rust. In much the same way, these by products work away at your body and wear away its natural defenses and structures. Over long periods of time they lead to chronic illnesses and debilitating symptoms.Proflavanol is exciting because it not only cleanses the body of corrosive materials, but it also strengthens blood vessels and helps the body repair itself. After taking Proflavanol for only a couple of weeks, you will begin to notice signs of your body repairing. Hair comes in thicker and stronger, nails are smoother, and you have more energy. Over longer periods of time, Proflavanol doesn’t just enhance the exterior of the body, but it also cleanses the interior. Damage caused by poor diet, stress, and excessive hormones is mitigated. Proflavanol’s greatest asset to fertility is its ability to reduce inflammation and help bring the body into balance.

Proflavanol enhances fertility in men by increasing sperm production, enhancing morphology (structure of the sperm), and decreasing inflammation in the prostate. These benefits make the supplement useful not only in the short term, but insure the long-term health of the male reproductive system.

In women, Proflavanol increases blood circulation to the pelvic area, decreases inflammation, and reduces the impact of stress on the body. The overall effect of these changes is an enhanced uterine environment that is better prepared for implantation and a healthy pregnancy.