Yoga Mudra’s for Fertility and Pregnancy
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Yoga Mudra's for Fertility and Pregnancy, CNY Healing ArtsCNY Healing Arts in Rochester, NY is a coveted resource for families looking to conceive and support a healthy pregnancy.  CNY’s Wellness Center offers a variety of healing modalities such as Yoga, Massage and Acupuncture for these important and exciting stages of life.  Many Yoga Classes at CNY are specific classes designed to support Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum changes in the body.  In these classes we always practice specific poses (Asana) and breathing exercises (Pranayama), but lately we have been incorporating more and more yoga hand positions (Mudra’s) to aid in conserving and spreading energy throughout the body for the benefit of Fertility and Perinatal challenges.  In this article I will discuss specific Mudra’s you can practice anytime, anywhere.  I hope you enjoy (and practice) these Mudra’s and I also hope to see you in class!

What are Yoga Mudra’s?

Most Yoga Mudra’s are hand positions (some are body positions) or gestures that help to stimulate different energies in the body.  Mudra’s are simple!  They have been used for thousands of years to support the healing of many illnesses and bring harmony to the body, mind and soul.

Yoga Mudra’s for Fertility

  • Yoni Mudra–  This hand position helps women get in touch with an innate female energy.  It also is thought to stimulate the womb and the creative power within.  The hand position actually looks like the vulva.  Bringing the hands together, the tips of the thumbs and pointer fingers touch each other while interlacing the rest of the fingers.
  • Merudanda Mudra– Will help to bring energy to the pelvic area.  To start bend all the fingers inward except the thumbs (like you are hitchhiking).  Place hands on knees with thumbs facing inward for 10 breaths.

Yoga Mudra’s for Pregnancy

  • Apana Mudra–  This mudra is beneficial during labor to help facilitate contractions.  It can also be used to help with pain and coping.  Bring the tip of the thumb to meet the middle and ring fingers, the pointer finger and pinky fingers stay straight.
  • Gyan Mudra– Represents nesting, starting a home or clearing the mind.  Bring the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pointer finger.  The middle, ring and pinky fingers stay extended.
  • Aakash Mudra– Can be used when setting intentions for your day or pregnancy to help you stay positive and healthy.  Touch the tip of the middle finger and the thumb together on each hand.  The pointer, ring and pinky fingers stay extended.
  • Pushan Mudra – Is a good mudra for nausea!  The two hands hold different positions; Left hand is in Apana Mudra (see above), the Right hand holds the thumb against the tip of the pointer finger and middle finger.  Tops of the hands face earth, fingers face midline.

I hope you have fun with these Yoga Mudra’s!  If you have any questions or need help please feel free to stop in and visit me at CNY Healing Arts in Rochester!  My class schedule at CNY is listed below.

By Christa Tyson, Yoga Instructor and Birth Doula
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