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lotus1.jpg Care for your mind, restore your body, conceive your dreams…

Breathe. Rest. Release. Honor the power of you — the mind-body-spirit connection that brings strength, tranquility, health, and balance to your life.Where CNY Fertility offers modern medicine and technology to help our couples create a family, CNY Healing Arts Center complements that science, helping to restore and replenish your unique soul.

Explore complete well-being through our offerings in holistic healing, nutrition, and counseling. Studies show that reducing stress and nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection through holistic modalities such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and support services may help your chances of conceiving. With that in mind, Dr. Kiltz suggests exploring stress-reducing techniques prior to your consultation at CNY Fertility Center.
Reduce your stress. Nourish your body. Replenish your spirit. Embrace inner healing to move forward with a balance, serenity, and energy that is you — completely.
“CNY Healing Arts has been created to bring ancient and powerful practices to assist with the harmony of the mind, body, and spirit, enabling the universal healing energies to flow within us — creating wellness and success.” — Robert J. Kiltz, MD

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