Week 3: Comfort Drawer
Posted by: cnyha on Feb 10, 2008 in articles

Create a Comfort Drawer

This week you can create a comfort drawer. Inevitably in life there are situations where you are stretched to your limits of coping, feel overwhelmed, and are drained of the ability to provide yourself with comforts derived from within. A comfort drawer is a physical entity that you can retreat to when you are feeling this lack of balance. The contents should help you to refocus, re-energize and refill the void which the stress has depleted.

Meg Sullivan, a social worker and energy healer who has done many mind-body-spirit in-services for staff and patients of CNY Fertility offers a great analogy for the use of this exercise. “Think of your spirit and ability to cope as a savings account. You can’t keep making endless withdrawals on this account without making deposits. To maintain a healthy balance you need to nurture and give back to yourself by taking time to be surrounded by things and experiences, which light you up. Dealing with the stressors that you confront will seem less daunting if you aren’t always running into an overdraft.”

Here are some suggestions as to what you can include in this drawer. There are no limits to what you can include – if you like it and it helps you to relax and re-energize then include it!

  • An array of pictures of loved ones during special occasions
  • A CD with your favorite music on it
  • A special card, poem or letter that makes you smile
  • A candle with your favorite scent
  • Bath salts for a calming and restoring soak
  • Your favorite tea
  • Chocolate or your comfort food
  • A favorite book, spiritual passage or leisure reading
  • A journal for you to get your feelings out on paper

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