VIDEO: Herbal Formulas for the Menstrual Cycle and Infertility – Cycle I, II, III, and IV
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I’d like to talk to you a little bit about our cycle formulas.  These are the formulas that work at the root level; these are the formulas that we often give our clients when they want to start out ahead of time—one to three months before conception or IUI/IVF cycle.  It works at the very basic level.  It builds everything up from the lining to the follicles to the ovulation, right through the menstruation.  These are really great formulas, they are very mild, very safe, and can be taken for a long period of time.  Again, I’d like to see clients on these formulas 1-3 months out from their cycle or conception.  I’m going to first talk about Cycle 4.  Cycle 4 is the menstrual cycle.  These are the days when 1-5, in which the lining is shed.  This formula is very good at helping smooth out the menstruation so it’s not so uneven.  It’s a much more even shedding of the endometrium, there’s less clots, and it moves much, much smoother.  It’s a great formula to begin a cycle with.  We just want to make sure that all the lining is out, and that you’re reading to start building some follicles.
I’d like to next talk about our Cycle 1 formula.  This is the Day 6-11 formula that women will take to help build follicular development.  It’s all about follicles.  This is a great formula to help assist the body with estrogen production.  It’ll help build the site.  Those are the pre-follicles.  This is a great formula.  It’s safe and should be taken 1-3 months out before conception or before the IUI or IVF cycle.  It’s the formula that you take right after the menstrual phase formula.  You’re going to take these formulas one right after another, right after the fourth formula.  It’s a great formula to help with estrogen production, and helps with follicle development.
I’d like to talk to you a little bit about Cycle 2 formula.  This is the formula that helps with ovulation.  Day 12-15 is the most important time of a woman’s cycle.  That’s when the dominant follicle and the luteal mycin hormone is starting to surge.  This formula has been shown to help assist the ovulation.  It’s a great formula, it’s a safe formula.  It should be taken in line with all the other formulas at the appropriate time.  Again, as same as all the other formulas, this should be taken 1-3 months before conception or before IUI just to give your body enough time to regulate.
I’d like to talk to you next about the Cycle 3 formula, and this is the luteal phase formula that you take from Day 16 to the end.  This is the formula that you take right after ovulation.  It’s all about the endometrial lining at this point.  Progesterone is surging, the egg has calmed down and is implanting.  This formula has shown to allow for a much, much healthier endometrial lining; making it for a much healthier environment for implantation.  It’s a great formula.  It should be taken 1-3 months before the IUI or IVF cycle or conception, just to give your body plenty of time to get used to it and regulate the cycle.  Again, it’s a wonderful formula and it just helps with the endometrial lining and helps progesterone surge, and helps keep the lining much healthier, much fuller, and a much better environment for implantation.
Donald Clarke, L.Ac.
CNY Healing Arts – Syracuse

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