We receive many beautiful words of thanks and testimonials from our clients so we wanted to create a space to share some of these with you. Enjoy!!

Maya Massage Therapy Testimonials:

“Back in October I had a Mayan massage with you.  I had already had a successful pregnancy and had no trouble at all conceiving that child.  I did, however have a difficult c-section that could have resulted in a lot of scar tissue.  I had been told that my right fallopian tube was completely blocked after trying for several months to conceive my second child.  After my 1st session with you in October, and after 7 months of trying to conceive, I was pregnant just 2 weeks after seeing you!  I am now 20 weeks pregnant with a girl and feeling great.  What is truly amazing is that I was told at my 6 week ultrasound that I had ovulated from my right side when I got pregnant!  You are the only treatment I sought in order to conceive and I truly believe that you were able to break up scar tissue that freed my right fallopian tube and allowed me to conceive.

I am so grateful for my one miraculous encounter with you and can’t thank you enough!  I’ve been telling anyone who is struggling to conceive about my experience with you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Yoga Testimonials:

“Yoga for Fertility was a life changing experience for me!  I met some of the greatest people! It was a time when I worked on my body and mind.  After the yoga session, we would sit together and discuss our joys and concerns.  For me, that was sacred time in that I really didn’t have anyone who was going through infertility to talk to.  I came from one of those families that everyone just gets pregnant.  Unfortunately, I did not.   Yoga for Fertility helped me understand that I was okay and I could get through this! Yoga helps me every day, and I refer to it in my thoughts constantly.” ~Denise


“Fertility yoga gives me a peace within.  It has taught me to become more in touch with my spirituality which has helped me greatly.” ~Jennifer


“Yoga for Fertility has given me strength and hope during times of despair and sadness.  This class allows you to leave behind the day to day shame infertility brings, and opens you to wellness, happiness and spirituality.” ~Megan

“Yoga for Fertility was the spiritual soup I needed to fix my broken soul!” ~Lisa


“Yoga for fertility at CNY Healing Arts is excellent. The instructors not only explain and help adjust poses, but they also provide information about the benefits of yoga for infertility, provide spiritual guidance, and make suggestions for diet and alternative medicine. Most importantly, we take time after class to meet for emotional support – this helps tremendously with the real work of infertility – heart work! ~Anonymous