Tai Chi Rejuvenation Workshops at CNY Healing Arts Center
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Albany Yoga StudioTai Chi Rejuvenation Workshops – held in August at our Latham and Syracuse CNY Healing Arts Centers.

Saturday, August 28th, noon – 6pm
Fee is $45 paid in cash at the door
Held in our Yoga Studio, bring a bag lunch.
*RSVP to CNY Healing Arts at 315.671.5755, space is limited

Sunday August 29th, 9am – 4pm
Fee is $45 paid in cash at the door
Held in our Yoga Studio, bring a bag lunch.
*RSVP to Mary Sise 518.785.8576 or mts@integrativepsy.com

Reactivate the purest energy in your body. Express your Self with the highest frequencies. The workshop, open to everyone including beginners will teach simple and powerful movements that:

•    Reinforce the energy of the physical and subtle bodies
•    Rebalance the Elements (Earth, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal)
•    Soften the joints and release tension in the body
•    Activate the rejuvenation process in the body
•    Harmonize the Chakras, increasing your connection with Life force
•    Expand the subtle bodies opening us to Union with the Divine

Jayendra is a Bramachari (monk) at the Temple of Consciousness in Crestone Co and has dedicated his life to the Divine.   He enriched his personal practices with a deep connection to the cosmic energy fields. His teachings are given with an original style, integrating traditional and modern approaches of Tai Chi.

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