Yoga: Eastern Influence on Exercise in the West
Posted by: cnyha on Nov 29, 2012 in news
The east has made a huge impact on our western culture, including our exercise routines and the way in which we approach our health and wellbeing. The benefits of incorporating a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach to our wellness is more mainstream now. Hindu monks, beginning with Swami Vivekananda, brought yoga to the West
Celebrating National Yoga Month and Hosting Free Community Classes
Posted by: cnyha on Sep 11, 2012 in news
Celebrate National Yoga Month this September with CNY Healing Arts Centers! Yoga is an ancient practice that offers a slew of health benefits, and impacts lives in so many positive ways! At CNY Healing Arts, there is a yoga class designed for everyone! The physical poses or ‘asanas’ that are used during yoga incorporate breathing
The Health Benefits of Agnistambhasana (Fire Log Pose)
Posted by: cnyha on Dec 31, 2010 in news
When translated from Sanskrit to English, Agnistambhasana breaks up into three words: “Angi” means fire, “stambha” means statue, and “asana” means pose. It may be a mouthful, but with descriptors like fire and statue, this translation alone should hint at the nature of this posture. Agnistambhasana, as with many asanas, is all about feeling the