Massage for Summer Allergies

More than 2/3 of people suffer from year-round allergies.  Summer is here and we’re picnicking in the grass, the beautiful flowers are blooming around us, and we’re spending more time outdoors—it’s all part of fabulous summer!  For those who have allergies, though, it can become a challenge.   

As the summer months progress, ragweed or hay fever allergies tend to rise.  The body’s natural defense is to produce excess mucous which often creates nasal congestion and red, itchy eyes which can all lead to fatigue (and frustration)!  Working outdoors with plants and in gardens can expose people to mold spores that are contained on the plants themselves and in the soil.  Mold spores can also increase indoors during the hot, humid months of summer in basements, and on floors and walls in bathroom and kitchen areas.  Even cats and dogs, our ‘fur friends’, are shedding their coats this time of year which can aggravate those with pet dander allergies as well. 

Stress and allergies sometimes go hand in hand.  When the body is under stress, it reacts in an exaggerated response to allergens.  The body fights the allergens with coughing, sneezing, wheezing which can put greater stress on the body creating a vicious cycle!  This is because stress increases the adrenal gland’s production of cortisol triggers the sympathetic nervous system to create extra epinephrine and norepinephrine, decreasing the effectiveness of the immune system. 

Massage for allergies is a great way to get soothing relief.  Massage can help the body’s reaction to the allergens.  Many of the trigger points for the sinuses are located in the upper back and shoulder which are massaged for relief.  Headaches and congestion can also be relived through this procedure. 

CNY Healing Arts Centers provide relaxing massages that can help alleviate your allergy symptoms, as well as to reduce stress and increase your body’s immune system.  For more information, please contact one of our centers nearest you: 

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Sun Damage to Your Skin IS Reversible!

sun damage to skin is reversible - CNY Healing Arts AlbanyNo matter how hard you try to protect your skin with SPF, UV rays still manage to make their mark during the summer months. The sun strips away moisture and increases pigment-making cells, leaving the skin dull, dehydrated, and uneven, and when the skin is dry, fine lines are more noticeable. It can also cause irritation, acne, seborrhea and the like.

What’s the good news? Sun damage can be reversed and remedied through utilizing cutting edge treatments that can be targeted to specific post-sun exposure damage. These treatments will put you on a path toward healthier and better looking skin.

The start of a new season is a perfect time to begin the process of rejuvenation and regeneration for your skin with one of our skin care specialists at CNY Healing Arts.

We invite you to call this week and schedule an appointment with your skin care professional. It’s a great time to begin your journey to younger, healthier and more beautiful looking skin.

Warm regards,

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Facials: Healthy Skin = Beautiful Skin

Our skin is the largest organ we have and it serves a number of roles, from protecting us from pathogens to keeping us hydrated—it’s our first-line of defense!   Facials not only help to facilitate this role, but also leave us with healthy skin that looks fabulous!

When you visit us, a skin care specialist will determine the condition of your skin and your skin type and then they will customize a facial treatment just for you.

Based on your personalized skin consultation, the specialist will be able to provide you with a cleansing routine which is individualized.  Exfoliation of the skin will help to increase cell turnover and promote even-toned skin.  A well-matched moisturizer will not only make your skin look and feel hydrated, it will also offer protection from the elements.

Facials may include massages which aid with lymphatic drainage.  During a face massage, muscles are warmed and the lymph nodes stimulated to open and enhance circulatory and toxin removal.  This is one of the reasons why a healthy, bright glow is apparent after receiving treatment!  Antioxidants which contain vitamin A and E can help to remove pollutants from the body.

Relaxation is another benefit in receiving spa facials.  Much of our tension is held in our face from our brow bone to our necks, and a massage given during the facial reduces this tension.  The use of the products during the treatment also provides aromatherapy and a soothing calm.

Our specialists at CNY Healing Arts offer facials that alleviate dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin, sensitive skin that will leave your face looking and feeling completely refreshed and refined.  It also offers a great time to ask any questions that you may have concerning your skin care routine such as which types of products to use for your skin type to leave you glowing all year round!

Our staff at CNY Healing Arts Centers would love to assist with a facial treatment just for you!  Please call us or just stop in and give us the opportunity to help you. It would be our pleasure!

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Massage: The Perfect Remedy

Massage Therapy at CNY Healing Arts Wellness CenterMassage is a touch therapy that is not only a wonderfully pleasurable and relaxing experience, but also brings with it countless health benefits. A massage session can relieve tension in the body, calm the mind, and nourish the soul, bringing healing on a number of levels simultaneously. An extensive body of research supports the therapeutic claims of massage, with growing evidence that it can contribute to the relief of conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also assist with self esteem, release emotional blocks, increase mental clarity, and help you connect to your “inner light”. Having a massage can be relaxing and refreshing leaving you feeling connected and balanced. It is about taking time out to restore harmony and well-being so that you feel ready to take on the world again.

On a physiological level, massage affects all the body systems, resulting in improved general functioning, as well as relieving specific conditions throughout the body. Massage causes breathing to deepen and the blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, which boosts circulation and helps oxygenate the blood. Improved circulation also means that vital nutrients are carried around the body more effectively, while temporarily reducing blood pressure and pulse rate.

The massage therapista at CNY Healing Arts are highly trained and experienced in massage therapy. We customize your session for you. Whether you are looking for a Deep Tissue Massage for relieving chronic areas of muscle tension and stress, or a Relaxation Massage to gently unwind and rejuvenate your mind and body, we have just what you need. We also feature our Signature Citrus Body Scrub and our soothing Hot Stone Massage to take your relaxation to the next level. Come early or stay after your session to enjoy our state of the art spa facility, with saunas, steam showers, and our Aqua Terrace. Yoga classes run daily for your enjoyment as well.

Written by Angela Wart, LMT  
Syracuse CNY Healing Arts Center

NOTE: Not all services/amenities mentioned in the above article are available at all locations.

Massage for Muscle Recovery

Massage Therapy at CNY Healing Arts Wellness CenterSummer is the time of year when many of us spend a great deal of our time outdoors enjoying our favorite activities.  Gardening, kayaking, biking, running, walking, swimming – they all are fun ways to get outdoors and enjoy the lovely weather, and they are good for us!  However, sometimes enjoying them can be a pain—a pain in the neck, shoulders, legs, etc.!

A massage is a terrific way to work through muscle tension that we may encounter after strenuous exercise and work.  Massage relaxes the body, feels terrific, helps with inflammation, improves blood flow, reduces muscle tightness, and enhances muscle performance.

Many people take medication to ease soreness and eliminate swelling for aching muscles.  The inflammation (an immune reaction) is actually the body’s way of repairing injured cells due to tiny tears in muscle fibers caused during strenuous exercise; therefore, medication can inhibit recovery.  Recent research (published in the 2/1/2012 issue of Science Translational Medicine) shows that massage can aid in reducing inflammation and enhance cell function to actually repair cells unlike medication.

There are many different types of massage techniques, and our massage therapists work with you to meet your needs.  A deep tissue massage focuses on the area in which you are experiencing pain to give you maximum relief.  Adhesions (or bands of sore tissue) are massaged to reduce inflammation, restore proper blood circulation, and create better movement.  Massage also acts as a preventative to enhance your physical activities because it targets those muscles which you use frequently!

In addition to these physical benefits, massage therapy stimulates the nervous system that release endorphins and assist in pain relief.  Massage allows relaxation of mind and tensed-up muscles which provides relief, and can speed up recovery time – allowing you to get back to the activities that you enjoy!

Give CNY Healing Arts Centers a call and let our massage therapists give you the relief you need!

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Yoga for Posture

Remember when we were kids, and we were told by parents, teachers, and other adults to “stand up tall” or “sit up straight”? Posture—it make us look taller, more confident, focused and alert (and even thinner)—but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Posture is responsible for the proper alignment of our vital organs and functioning of the nervous system. Poor posture over time creates negative changes in the body. The way that we sit at our desks, stand, and walk all have an effect on our body’s alignment. If we slouch or have bad posture, chronic backaches, neck pain/stiffness, and carpal tunnel symptoms can result over time. Habitual poor posture can even lead to a hunched upper back (known as excessive kyphosis) or a misalignment in the lower back (also referred to as excessive lordosis).

Yoga is an excellent way to improve posture. It also yields other health benefits such as improved circulation and digestion due to the proper alignment of the spine and organs in the body. Taking a yoga class can also help to counteract and heal the effects due to poor posture in the past. This makes yoga the perfect exercise to heal and prevent injuries due to misalignment.

The positions that are practiced in a yoga class help to strengthen the spine. The stretching can help the ligaments and muscles that support the skeletal system. Yoga also builds a stronger core which will also help to support the spine and improve posture. If the core isn’t as strong as it should be, other muscles around it such as the ones in the mid to lower back take over. This puts undue strain on the back. Much of yoga focuses on breath work, which includes sitting up tall and taking in long, deep breaths.

There are many new, exciting yoga classes held at our CNY Healing Arts Centers. Check out our yoga schedule by clicking here!

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Summer Skin Care

smooth skinWe hope you’ve been enjoying the summer so far. Please remember how important it is to pace yourself during outdoor activities and stay hydrated! We’d like to share some information on summer skin care. If you want to book a facial or skin consultation appointment at our Albany or Syracuse location please see the information below, our licensed estheticians will be happy to customize a skin care treatment for you.
Syracuse: Call 315.671.5755 to book an appointment with our licensed estheticians, Kelly, Alicia or Anita!
Summer Skin Care:
Summer skin care is crucial in maintaining a healthy glow.  The skin needs regular cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing.  A facial is a great way to combat free radicals and stress from the summer elements.  Did you know that you can add a specialty mask to your facial?  Try these summer face masks to beat the heat and feel cool and fresh instantly!

SPF 15 CreamVitamin C mask – A dynamic antioxidant mask that provides repair, rejuvenation, lightening, firming, and purification

Anti-Acne Mask –  A purifying mask that helps reduce excess oil, cleanses, balances, as it clears acne breakouts

Suggested product – SkinCeuticals SPF Matte

For: normal, dry and hyperpigmented skin

Introducing the perfect day cream for non-oily complexions that tend to develop uneven pigmentation. With a luscious shea butter formula that hydrates, brightens and protects, mega-vitamin C for lightening dark spots and protecting against future damage. Advanced brighteners inhibit excess melanin formation associated with skin darkening. Skin is more evenly toned, dewy and radiant.

~ This skincare information was provided by Kelly Vasquez, licensed esthetician at our Syracuse location.

May is National Allergy Month: Try Acupuncture or Massage for Relief!

Allergy Relief with Acupuncture and Massage - CNY Healing ArtsSpring is here and summer is just around the corner, which means, grass, tree and other pollen are already in the air. As beautiful as this time of year is, for many with allergies it can be a real challenge. The body’s natural defense is to produce excess mucous, which often creates nasal congestion, and red, itchy eyes; these can all lead to fatigue (and frustration).

According to a February 2013 report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, about 20 percent of the population suffers from allergic rhinitis (stuffy or runny nose caused by allergies) and patients that receive acupuncture treatments reported significant improvements in symptoms as well as a decreased need for any allergy medication.

Massage for allergies is also a great way to get soothing relief.  Massage can help the body’s reaction to the allergens by reducing stress and boosting your immune system, among other things.  Facial massage is great for inducing sinus drainage and relieving pressure. Headaches and congestion can also disappear, or lessen in severity, after a massage session.

If you’re looking for some relief this allergy season and would like to try acupuncture or massage (or both), give our CNY Healing Arts practitioners the opportunity to help you. Below is a list or practitioners at each of our locations that would be happy to assist you with relief from your allergy symptoms.

SYRACUSE – Call 315.671.5755 to book a session.

ALBANY – Call 518.724.5750 to book a session. 

ROCHESTER – Call 585.244.1280 to book a session. 

The Healing Art of Reiki

Reiki - CNY Healing Arts CenterReiki is a form of therapy which originated in Japan for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation.  Reiki is comprised of two words: “Rei” meaning higher power or universal and “Ki” which means life force energy.  This Eastern art relies on hand placement along different areas of the body which help spiritually guide one’s life force as a form of healing.

Reiki is an excellent therapy to use when you’re dealing with life’s challenges or undergoing a difficult time in your life such as infertility, an illness, difficulty with a relationship, or just struggling with emotions.  This radiant healing can bring about peace, harmony and a sense of balance from within.

Health Benefits of Reiki Therapy:

  • Aids the body to release stress and tension
  • Helps the body to heal
  • Reduces insomnia and helps improve sleep patterns
  • Removes toxins
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Relives pain associated with injuries and chronic issues
  • Helps with energy flow of the endocrine system
  • Boosts immune system
  • Gets you tune into your spirituality
  • Helps you to feel inner tranquility

Reiki differs from massage in that the therapists hands aren’t necessarily on the skin, they can be just slightly above it.

Reiki can help to give you a better outlook on life by diminishing negativity and improving your ability to see positive insights in situations.  It has a positive effect on the chemicals within the brain, and helps to promote healing throughout the entire body.  Each area of the body has its own energy and can become blocked due to emotions and thoughts, Reiki therapy helps to free these blocked areas.

This form of healing can be combined with other modalities such as yoga, meditation, massage, or acupuncture to further heal the body and the mind.  For more information or to schedule a Reiki session, contact the CNY Healing Arts location nearest you:


195 Intrepid Lane, Syracuse, NY 13205


2244 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610
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Yoga: Eastern Influence on Exercise in the West

The east has made a huge impact on our western culture, including our exercise routines and the way in which we approach our health and wellbeing. The benefits of incorporating a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach to our wellness is more mainstream now.

Hindu monks, beginning with Swami Vivekananda, brought yoga to the West in the late 19th century. It was combined with an advanced form of breath work and meditation known as Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. In the 1980s, yoga became popular as a physical form of exercise across the entire Western world.

Many western physicians have begun to view yoga as a lifestyle change, instead of just a form of exercise, due to the positive effects it can have on many areas of our bodies. Many people, when they think of exercise and toning, think of lifting weights or running on a treadmill; however, yoga is a form of exercise that is just as effective at toning muscle and aiding with weight loss. Since it is also a very relaxing experience, the amount of cortisol in the system is decreased, which helps to further aid with weight loss.

Eastern forms of exercise like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and yoga also increase flexibility and improve balance. There are many poses which include stretching and holding which help to cultivate muscular strength and power. Gaining flexibility and balance helps to decrease injuries to the muscles.

Yoga has been shown to be helpful to:

  • decrease arthritis/inflammation
  • aids with breathing-related issues such as asthma
  • improves circulation throughout the body
  • decreases the risk of hypertension
  • helps to boost immunity

Eastern influenced exercise also heals the mind and can help with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mindfulness and living in the present moment
  • Awareness of body through focused breathing and inner reflection

At CNY Healing Arts Centers, we have a full yoga schedule online with a variety of classes and instructors to meet your needs. For more information, call the location nearest you:

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