Take Time for Healing
Posted by: cnyha on Nov 16, 2012 in news
“Take time for healing. Take time for what soothes your body, your mind, your soul. Take a bath. Light a candle. Read a book. Take a walk. Get a massage. See your favorite healer if you desire. See a movie. Buy some flowers. Drink a cup of tea. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of doing
Meditating to Start and End Your Day
Posted by: cnyha on Oct 11, 2010 in news
Early morning is a great time to meditate.  Before you even rise out of bed, when the house is quiet before other activities, energies, anxieties, etc. start to vibrate around you, you should use the opportunity to put out your positive energy, intention, and vibration for the day.  Laying quietly in bed and visualizing how
Girl’s Night Out at CNY Healing Arts Center in Rochester, NY
Posted by: Jessie Briel on Mar 26, 2010 in news
Women of all ages trickled through the doors of CNY Healing Arts Center in Rochester, NY for Girls Night Out on Tuesday, March 23rd. The ladies exchanged smiles and laughter as they anticipated the relaxing night they were about to spend at the spa. In a span of less than 3 hours, the ladies would