Ayurveda: Healing & Balance with Yoga, Meditation, Diet, Herbs and More

Ayurveda is an Indian holistic, healing system in which the universal life force manifests into certain doshas or energies.  The three doshas or “forces” are known as:  Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  We are all made up of a combination of these forces.   However, these can fluctuate, and we may have excesses which cause imbalances in our lives, and balancing them will help bring about harmony.

The following are just some general characteristics which each of the doshas may possess:

Vata: Small frame, anxious and creative personality types, dry skin/hair, enjoys sour/salty foods

Pitta: Medium frame, driven personality types, oily hair/skin, enjoy sweet/bitter foods

Kapha: Large frame, relaxed personality types, smooth skin, enjoys sweet/pungent foods

Doshas can fluctuate for many reasons such as stress, age, and diet.  One must determine their imbalances as they can result in different effects on the body.  For example, an excess or imbalance of each dosha can be seen in the following ways:

Excess Vata can cause disturbances with the large intestine, nervous system, immune system, and joints.

Excess Pitta can results in problems with the small intestines, liver, spleen, thyroid, blood, skin, and eyes.

Excess Kapha can result in issues with the stomach, lungs, mucous/water retention, and weight gain.

These balances can be corrected by the foods that we eat, yoga, massage, meditation, facials, detox, herbs, or other methods.  Generally, “the opposite” balances.  For example, the Vata can benefit from grounding and calming treatments, warm, sweet foods such as casseroles, stews, and soups, and their yoga should create warmth and serenity.  The Pitta can benefit from invigorating and energizing treatments, non-spicy foods and plenty of vegetables, and a yoga that encourages compassion and a relaxed effort.  The Kapha benefits from soothing treatments, invigorating the mind with light, spicy foods, and their exercise should be stimulating and vigorous.

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