Feeling Your Best with CNY Healing Arts Center
Posted by: cnyha on Sep 01, 2010 in news
Feeling Your Best Before and After Competition: Now that you are only a few days away from the next Skinnyman Triathlon, you may want to consider a few techniques of getting rid of those extra aches and pains before and after you participate.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Arnica oil
Buying Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Posted by: cnyha on May 18, 2010 in news
To many people, grocery shopping is a chore they would rather not do.  Not only is it time consuming, but it can really give you a headache, too.  Low fat, low sodium, sugar-free, high fiber, all-natural, organic – these are some of the buzz words we see and hear when shopping.  To help make your
The Importance of Vitamin D
Posted by: cnyha on Apr 14, 2010 in news
In today’s world, people are busy, busy, busy.  Often, one of the first area’s of their life to suffer is their diets.  What many people don’t know, is how detrimental not eating right can be to their overall health.  Take vitamin D, for instance.  Not much was known about this vitamin until recently.  Previously what
Becoming and Feeling your best Through Massage and Reiki!
Posted by: cnyha on Apr 08, 2010 in news
So, just how good do you want to feel?  How great is your capacity for peace, joy, love and expansion?  Have you considered these questions lately and do you believe it’s possible to feel out of this world fantastic in body, mind and spirit?  Massage, Reiki and Energy Healing are just a few of the
Spa Time for Teens and Pre-Teens
Posted by: cnyha on Apr 07, 2010 in news
CNY Healing Arts Wellness Center and Spa, located in Latham, New York offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs and desires of women of all ages. Among the ages, it is an amazing place to bring your teen or pre-teen daughter. Whether you’re looking for some mother/daughter bonding time, you want to