3D eyebrow microblading in SYracuse

Eyebrow Microblading in Syracuse, NY- Everything You Need to Know!

3D Eyebrow Microblading at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, NY

Our CNY Healing Art Center in Syracuse New York specializes in top of the line skincare! We are constantly striving to stay up to date with the latest in skincare and offer Eyebrow Microblading in Syracuse with our eyebrow queen Alicia Casey!

Alicia, a perfectionist at heart, is here to bring your look to the next level! If you have no eyebrows, missing hairs, or just want to amp up your look, Eyebrow Microblading is for you!

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To learn more on 3D Eyebrow Microblading, read on!

Fast Facts:

  • Eyebrow Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique
  • Individual hair-think strokes are cut into the eyebrows by a tool with tiny needles
  • A numbing cream is applied prior to starting, pain is minimal
  • Prices range from $400-$2,000+
  • Alicia Casey is a PHIBROW certified eyebrow Microblading artist in Syracuse at CNY Healing Arts and Wellness Center

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Eyebrow Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique using embroidery-style individual strokes to mimic the look of real hair. Microblading can enhance and perfect your brows with natural, realistic results. It uses a combination of 12-15 small needles to deposit pigment into the skin. The needles reach into the superficial layer of the skin which causes it to only be semi-permanent.

Microblading is often referred to as “feather touch” or “micro-stroking”. The procedure is done by a trained esthetician. It is performed by drawing individual hair-like looking strokes onto the eye brow with a special tool. The idea of hundreds of individual strokes is that it creates a texture to look like real eyebrow hair.  3D Eyebrow Microblading can be used on any brow line whether they are missing hair all together, are light or dark in color or just want some help filling in space. Your brow stylist will measure and customize brows to perfectly fit your face, skin tone and hair color.

Eyebrow Microblading vs. Eyebrow Tattooing vs. Eyebrow Feathering

Microblading and eyebrow tattooing differ by the tools they use. The Microblading tools allows the esthetician to do more hair-like thin lines that are not as deeply ingrained in the skin as a tattoo gun. Because the esthetician has so much control, these lines look more precise and similar to hair. The dye used in microblading is less concentrated than a tattooed eyebrow. The less concentration is what makes the treatment only semi-permanent since the body ends up metabolizing the dye eventually.

Micro feathering differs from these two treatments because it essentially just fills in the existing eye brow as opposed to creating most of the eye brow shape. Micro feathering uses the existing eyebrow hairs as a base and applies pigment around and in between. Like Microblading, an incision is made into the skin. The idea of  Micro feathered brows is for a natural, fluffy-looking brow. You must have existing hair on your brows in order for this treatment unlike Microblading where you don’t need any natural hair at all. Microblading can create an entire eyebrow for you.

How Often Should I have this Treatment Done?

Results last typically from 12-18 months depending on your skin type. Oily skin will have a shorter result time. There are various points in the process that are recommend for touch ups. These vary by location. In Syracuse, a 4-6 week touch up is included in the initial price. After that, CNY Healing Arts recommends a touch up for 6 months, 1 year and 2 years where it is a full price again after 2 years.

What to Expect During Treatment

A consultation is typically required or sometimes mandatory before having this treatment done. The tools used should always be a one-time usage and disposed of after each client. As with any facial treatment, do your research on the business and esthetician to ensure they are licensed and certified to perform this treatment.

The initial treatment will usually last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. After a consultation, the appointment will start with the esthetician perfectly measuring out and drawing on  the eyebrows as an outline for the shape they will create. The client will be able to see what they will look like and approve of the shape prior to beginning the official treatment. A numbing cream will be applied prior to treatment, Once the cream has kicked in, the treatment will begin.

Although eyebrow Microblading isn’t necessarily a painful treatment, you may feel mild discomfort depending on your pain tolerance. The feeling has been compared to that of eye eyebrow treading. The more skilled the brow artist, the less pain their will be as they are a master of their work!

Microblading What to Expect After + Aftercare

Taking care of Microbladed eyebrows is similar to how you would take care of a new tattoo. The eyebrows will look significantly darker and the skin surrounding them will appear red immediately following the procedure. It is important to keep the area dry (from any liquid, even sweat) for about 2 hours. After the 2 hours, you will run a cotton swab that has been sterilized over the area. This gets rid of any dye residue that may be on the face.

The skin will not be fully healed until about (7-14 days depending on your skin type)

  • Your skin will be sensitive afterwards
  • You must avoid touching, picking at and getting the area wet for up to 10 days after your appointment (yes this means even in the shower!)
  • No makeup for at least a week
    • This is because the tool cuts into the skin and over the course of a week, the pigment is still settling
  • Avoid hotness such as a sauna or an activity that causes excessive sweating until your follow-up appointment
  • Apply the healing cream given to you by your provider as directed
  • Follow any specific instructions given for aftercare
  • Your eye brows will scab over- that is normal! Do not pick at them!


Depending on where you have this service done, a follow up appointment or two are usually include or recommended at a reduced price. It is recommended to get a touch up about once a year. This usually will include maintenance and adding lines to the outline of the brows.

Since you just got the PERFECT brows, taking care of them and your skin is important to keep good results. Sunscreen can be applied in order to keep them from fading.

Side Effects of Eyebrow Microblading

  • Infection, irritation or an allergic reaction are all possible side effects
    • Make your esthetician aware of any skin conditions, medication or health concerns that could cause a complication
  • Some pain and discomfort is normal during treatment as it is a needle scraping into your skin
    • If you experience severe pain, puffiness or any form of discharge or continued redness, this could be a sign of infection
    • Women may feel a heightened sense of pain if the treatment is done while they are on their period
  • If you think you have an infection, call your doctor immediately as the brows are close to the bloodstream that reach your eyes and brain
  • People who should avoid Microblading:
    • Pregnant women
    • People prone to keloids
    • People who have had an organ transplant
    • Anyone with a compromised liver or viral condition

Eyebrows must not be in a regeneration process, meaning it must not be damaged with skin irritations such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, acne pimples or any damage in the eyebrow area


Depending on the location, esthetician and what is included, price typically ranges from $400-$2,000+

3D Eyebrow Microblading at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse

Microblading at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse is performed by our licensed esthetician, Alicia Casey. Alicia is a NYS and PA licensed esthetician specializing in medical esthetics, laser procedures, and eyebrow design. She has had an extensive background in the beauty/skincare industry, and salon management for over 10 years. Alicia worked for the beauty lines Clinique, Yves Saint Laurent and MAC perfecting her craft for makeup artistry and design. She very quickly realized her passion for skin and desired more education. She studied and graduated from the New York School of Esthetics in Tarrytown, NY in 2007. Living in New York City for 15 years, Alicia has worked for some of the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists in New York. Her medical knowledge and extensive fluence of skin science and product knowledge sets her apart from receiving the average spa treatment. She goes above and beyond when it comes to practicing safe procedures and informing and educating her clients on their skin and how to properly care fore and maintain their results. A big believer in continued education, Alicia regularly attends training’s and seminars for the most up to date techniques and advancements in skincare. Becoming a prestigious certified PHIBROW artist for Microblading blended both of her talents of medical skincare and aesthetic artistry together. Her extreme attention to detail and perfectionist mentality means she makes it her absolute priority that her clients have the best experience and results. Her goal is to work with you to get your desired result and make you feel and look your absolute best!

Prices in Syracuse:

  • Consultation – $25 (fee applied towards brow treatment, if treatment is not booked then refund or credit towards other spa services may be used)
  • Full brows -$495 (includes a 4-6 week touch up required to finish the process)
  • Touch up within 6 months- $150
  • Touch up within 1 year – $250
  • Touch up within 2 years- $350
  • Full price after 2 years

* prices subject to change if correction work is needed on brows NOT performed by Alicia, will be determined at consultation

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Eyebrow Microblading Before & After by Alicia Casey At CNY Healing Arts Syracuse