Featured Tonic of the Month for December: Male Tonic
Posted by: cnyha on Nov 27, 2010 in news
Male Tonic is an herbal formula that helps to prevent swelling of the prostate.   Man vine, its main ingredient, is a muscle relaxant that improves the flow of fluid to the prostate muscle.   This particular tonic can help with many issues seen in males including erectile dysfunction, impotency, benign prostatic hyperplasia, kidney or bladder infection,
Dr. Rob Kiltz Interviewed for Acupuncture Today Article
Posted by: cnyha on Jun 23, 2010 in news
Jennifer Waters recently interviewed Dr. Rob Kiltz, Director of CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts Centers. Below is her article that will appear in the Acupuncture Today August Issue. Jennifer’s questions are noted by JW preceding them and Dr. Kiltz’s answers are noted by RK preceding them. Prominent Fertility Doctor combines East and West Robert
Fertility Book Reviews to Celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week 2010
Posted by: Shelley Szymko-Carroll on Apr 28, 2010 in news
In an effort to celebrate National Fertility Awareness Week from April 24th through May 1st, the following two book reviews provide some great reading and education on the subject of fertility. The titles, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and The Infertility Cure, assist women with one of the most important wishes that many women have