Nutrition and Fertility

Healthy Pregnancy, CNY Healing Arts Center Nutrition ConsultationFor most women who are trying to become pregnant, the journey isn’t always easy.  While age and hormones play a large part in whether you will or will not get pregnant with ease, so does nutrition.  What you eat in the months prior to becoming pregnant can not only affect your fertility, but the health of you and your growing baby.

There are no specific foods that will make you more fertile.  Eating a healthy diet one year prior to conception allows your body to store important nutrients that your body and your baby will need for a successful pregnancy.  It’s especially important is to get enough of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3’s are essential for fetal brain development.  Your body cannot produce these fats, so you must get them through food sources.  ARA and DHA are two types of omega-3 fatty acids.  It is recommended to get at least 200 mg of DHA a day. Fish are among the best sources.  The fattier the fish, the more omega-3’s they will contain. It is safe to have up to 12 ounces of fish a week while pregnant.  Good sources are salmon, cod or light canned tuna.  Other non-fish sources include walnuts, flax seeds, soybeans or omega-3 enriched eggs.

It is important that you are eating a balanced diet, but even the best diets sometimes fall short.  Along with a healthy diet, be sure to take a prenatal vitamin, preferably one with DHA.

While you are trying to conceive, this is no time to go on a diet.  A registered dietitian is your best source to make sure that your diet is not deficient in any nutrients, and to help you figure out a meal plan that is right for you.  To schedule a one-on-one counseling session with me, just call CNY Healing Arts Center in Syracuse  at 315-671-5755 to schedule an appointment.  We also have yoga, acupuncture, massage and skin care to complete your total well-being. Click here to see the nutrition workshops we are holding this month at all locations.

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