The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga and Meditation

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is a wonderful and joyful blessing in a couple’s life!  It is easy, however, to get caught up with all of the preparations which can create some anxiety and stress for a mother-to-be and her partner as they prepare for the birth of their child.

Prenatal yoga classes can be a wonderful way for the expectant mother and her partner to take time out for themselves in a relaxing atmosphere.  Benefits of prenatal yoga for the mother-to-be include:  increased strength, flexibility, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, and better balance.  Yoga during pregnancy can help to alleviate lower back pain and sciatica, aids in digestion, decreases tiredness, headaches, and can help you prepare physically for the birthing process.  Some reports say that it helps to decrease the nausea that often accompanies the first trimester, as well as improves one’s sleep.  Taking yoga classes with your partner can help foster a sense of teamwork which is beneficial during childbirth and into parenting as well.

Meditation can help you to focus which is especially valuable during childbirth.  Meditation also helps to decrease fears and anxiety that may be present at such a time.  Using calm, cleansing breaths during meditation can help you during your labor as well.  The use of mantras and visualization can be used during the prenatal stage right into the childbirth, which helps you to stay focused.  Visualizing a relaxing scene in your mind can help put you into an immediate state of peace.

Meditation, especially combined with yoga can further enhance the wondrous, joyful experience in life and help to prepare you for the miracle to come.  Prenatal yoga and meditation connect your mind, body, and spirit.  These practices can help you to be more ‘in the moment’ which is a beautiful thing during pregnancy, parenting, and beyond!

Class Schedules:

Prenatal Yoga Thursday’s at 5:00PM, Sunday’s 10:30AM