Syracuse, CNY Healing Arts Center: Workshops & Events for March 2012
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UPCOMING WORKSHOPS & EVENTS being held at CNY Healing Arts Center, 191 Intrepid Lane:

Hot House Yoga with Amy Van Kirk
Friday March 2nd 6:00-8:00pm

Zumba on Friday March 9th, 6-7pm – only $8

Yoga Nidra Workshop: Deep Relaxation & Guided Meditation
Saturday March 10th 2-3pm – Fee $15
Through the use of guided imagery, breath awareness and body scanning, this extended guided relaxation will help alleviate not only muscular tensions, but also mental and emotional stress. We will access inner healing and harmony available to us all. We will travel inward to a place of self-embrace and connection to your whole being. Relax into openness, freedom and bliss. Nothing is required but to lie or sit down and listen. Yoga Nidra is foolproof! You cannot do it wrong. Please RSVP to 315.671.5755

Hot House Yoga with Amy Van Kirk Friday March 16th 6:00-8:00pm

BellyDanceBirth© Workshop Saturday March 17th 1:30-2:30pm – Fee $15
Classes are a combination of yoga and Middle Eastern/Egyptian dance, movement and meditation. The classes are conducted to music in sessions of approximately 45-60 minutes. The segments consist of stretching and posing, dance movements, and relaxation/stretching/meditation time. The BellyDanceBirth© method is used primarily during the prenatal months, and during labor and delivery, intended to further enjoin mother and baby using the body/mind connection. The dance movements are also ideal for women before they become pregnant and during the post-partum period. Please RSVP to 315.671.5755.

Hot House Yoga with Cynthia Powers-Broccoli Friday March 31st, 6:00-8:00pm.


The Living Body Workshop: April 7th 1-3pm
No cost to CNY Fertility Clients.

Create wholeness and accelerate your natural ability to conceive. Please join Pam Denton (DC) and Cynthia Powers-Broccoli (RYT) for this transformational workshop that will help you heal your body from the inside out! Create true health and vibrancy in your system so conception occurs naturally. By candlelight and soft music, you will be guided through a series of gentle and restorative postures, breath work, and meditation that enhance the flow of energy and circulation in your body, stimulating and toning your reproductive system. Learn how energy moves in your body and how you can release energy blocks through movement and breath. Stress and anxiety melt away as you breathe deeply and relax into your own personal power. You will leave feeling refreshed with your natural sense of well-being ignited — important ingredients to successful conception! You will also find a wonderful, nurturing community of women who all share the hope of becoming a mother. Follow the path of ease and grace – through whole body intention you CAN conceive! Cost to attend is $20.00. No cost to CNY Fertility Clients. Please RSVP to 315.671.5755.


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