Spring Has Sprung… Finally!!
Posted by: cnyha on Apr 03, 2015 in news

Ahhh…Spring!  It has arrived!  It’s time for us to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather and get back in touch with Mother Nature!

Being outdoors is a truly great way to feel Oneness.  Working in a garden or planting (maybe even barefoot) can help us to become more grounded with the Earth.  This meaning that when we’re outside working, it can help us to be in the right ‘here and now’.  Often times we’re thinking of the past or worrying about the future, but working with the Earth can help us to focus on the present moment.

Simply raking up debris and leaves helps to uncover the fresh ground with rich, nutrient-filled dirt, and signs of new growth from bulbs and other plants.  Pruning bushes and trees is a way to remove what is no longer growing, so that new growth can take place.  It’s symbolic, and can serve as a reminder that each day is a new day filled with opportunities for personal growth; and that sometimes we need to remove barriers that are preventing us from getting that which we desire in life.

As you beautify and give back to the Earth, you will feel nurtured.  When we give love and care to nature, nature provides us with that in return.  Those feelings can transcend to other areas in our lives such as our relationships with others; we get back that which we give.

Working outdoors also provides wonderful physical benefits.  Raking, filling a wheelbarrow and pushing it to the compost pile in the yard, and digging in the Earth uses our muscles!  If you feel like you’ve nurtured the Earth a little too much with all of those muscles of yours…come see us for an invigorating massage and let us nurture and care for you!

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