If you’re not satisfied with the brows you have, now there’s a very natural option that delivers semi permanent results – microblading, also referred to as semi-permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation. It doesn’t matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. Unlike the sometimes extreme effects and unnatural results of permanent eyebrow tattooing, microblading is a more natural embroidery-style of individual strokes that look more like real hair. This implanting process of high quality color pigments beneath the surface layer of the dermis by means of tiny, sterile, disposable needles to construct the appearance of hair strokes only to enhance the natural countenance of the face. The pigment is chosen so to match the natural hair or eyebrows’ color. After the healing, the color may become several hues lighter that the natural hairs’ color. Microblading is the hottest technique in semi-permanent makeup because every hair on the eyebrow is drawn individually, which makes the eyebrows look as natural as possible.

Symmetry is achieved through the PhiBrows application. The shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection compass and face morphology. They are measured while the client’s eyes are closed because in that way muscles that can affect eyebrows’ symmetry are relaxed. The shape and outline is penciled and drawn on with the final approval by the client.  Strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hairs’ growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look.

When a client has very few natural hairs, manual technique is combined with shading or a “powder affect” to achieve realistic results.

Treatment  is performed with disposable sterile tools, and the pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards (PhiBrows microblading pigments).  The touchup is done a month after the treatment, because between 10 and 15% of drawn strokes disappear after the first treatment.

The color is extremely dark during the first 5 to 7 days. In about a week, the color loses 40 to 50% of its intensity. If you think your color is too dark, do not try to remove it yourself.  Instead, patiently wait 7 days for the color to fade on its own after the healing of the skin.

Color duration primarily depends on how oily the skin is. The oilier the skin, the shorter the color lasts. Sweating and sun exposure also reduce length of time the color lasts.   On average, the expected time until a client needs a new color refreshment is between 10 and 12 months. With oily skin, it may be closer to 6 months.

The healing from the microblading procedure is fully completed after 28 days. At this point, we perform a touch up of the pigment to replace any that has been lost. Sometimes more than one corrective touch up is needed.

Proper post-treatment care is extremely important for the treatment’s success.  Post procedure instructions will be provided.

Pain during the treatment is relative and varies from person to person.  At CNY Healing Arts, our microblading technician applies a topical anesthetic to minimize the pain during the treatment.




Consultation – $25 (fee applied towards brow treatment, if treatment is not booked then refund or credit towards other spa services may be used)

Full brows -$495 (includes a 4-6 week touch up required to finish the process)

Touch up within 6 months- $150

Touch up within 1 year – $250

Touch up within 2 years- $350

Full price after 2 years

*prices subject to change if correction work is needed on brows NOT performed by Alicia, will be determined at consultation


Meet our Microblading Technician

Alicia Casey

Alicia is a NYS and PA Licensed Esthetician specializing in medical esthetics, laser procedures, and eyebrow design.  She has had an extensive background in the beauty/skincare industry, and salon management for over 10 years. Alicia worked for the beauty lines Clinique, Yves Saint Laurent, and MAC perfecting her craft for makeup artistry and design.  She very quickly realized her passion for skin and desired more education.  She then went and studied and graduated from New York School of Esthetics in Tarrytown, NY in 2007.  Living in New York City for 15 years, Alicia has worked for some of the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists in New York.  Her medical knowledge and extensive fluence of skin science and product knowledge sets her apart from receiving the average spa treatment.  She goes above and beyond when it comes to practicing safe procedures, and informing and educating her clients on their skin and how to properly care for and maintain their results.  A big believer in continued education, Alicia regularly attends trainings and seminars for the most up to date techniques and advancements in skincare.  Becoming a prestigious certified PHIBROW artist for microblading blended both her talents of medical skincare and aesthetic artistry together.  Her extreme attention to detail and perfectionist mentality means she makes it her absolute priority that her client has the best experience and results.  Her goal is to work with you to get your desired result, and make you feel and look your absolute best.

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