Restorative Yoga
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Life can get hectic, fast-paced, and stressful. Restorative yoga is a perfect way to slow things down, live in the moment, and let your stress melt away.

During stressful times, our body responds with increased cortisol levels and the “fight or flight” response in order to protect itself. This reaction is needed for survival; yet the frequent and unnecessary response due to everyday stress can wreak all sorts of havoc in the body.

Restorative yoga provides healing for the body by using props (such as blocks, blankets, and yoga straps) to hold gentle poses for extended periods of time as a way of opening the different body areas for relaxation. After a warm-up, the poses are then held for up to 15 minutes, allowing the mind to go into a deeply relaxed state, yet alert and awake.

Here are just some of the physical benefits restorative yoga has to offer:
• the body opens releasing tension (helpful for areas that may be sore due to stress—neck, shoulder, back)
• toxins are released from the body which can help boost the immune system
• quiets the nervous system which in turn lowers heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and slows down breath
• can be helpful for muscle strain and cramping
• alleviates insomnia by calming the body

Some of the many mental and emotional benefits of restorative yoga are:
• helps with anxiety and nervousness, leaving you with a sense of inner calm
• makes you feel grounded and centered
• helps you to focus on tasks with greater ease
• allows you to feel “in the present moment”
• allows answers to come to us (as well as creative ideas) when the mind is relaxed

To feel renewed and rejuvenated, check out one of CNY Healing Arts Restorative Yoga classes and workshops coming up at all three of our locations!


Restorative Yoga & Meditation Class
Drop in (class only) $15 and Day session class pass $25, Please RSVP to 315.671.5755

Restorative Yoga Workshop with Katrin Naumann
Sunday, September 30th 12:30pm-3:30pm – Fee is $20. Wear comfortable clothing and if you wear contacts, please bring glasses. Please RSVP to 315.671.5755.


Rest and Restore!: A Restorative Yoga Workshop With Ijlal Lenio, RYT
Saturday, September 29th 12:00-1:15pm – Fee is $15. RSVP required at 585.244.1280 ext. 2


Restorative Yoga Workshop
Saturday, September 22nd 9:00-10:30am – Fee is $15. RSVP to or 518.724.5750.

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