NutraMetrix Special for April
Posted by: cnyha on Apr 06, 2009 in news

This month we are highlighting our NEW NutraMetrix Isotonic Prenatal Multivitamin.  Women have different nutritional needs than men.  For centuries, traditional Chinese and Indian herbalists have used vitamins and herbs for a wide range of female health issues, such as coping with menopause and osteoporosis.  We now offer several easy to take products in a Female Support Regimen designed to promote women’s health.

Our Prenatal vitamin is in an Isotonic form, that means you drink it. When mixed with the right amount of water in turns it into an isotonic form ( no more large pills to swallow).  Isotonic supplements do not require digestion, no more heartburn or indigestion.

  •  Helps promote healthy birth weight for the baby
  •  Helps contribute to a healthy pregnancy
  •  Helps maintain normal blood pressure during pregnancy
  •  Helps provide essential minerals and vitamins for normal growth and development of the baby
  •  Helps maintain healthy skin and hair

To see more of our female support products and all our new Isotonic Vitamins visit us at

April Special: If you order a bottle of Prenatal Vitamins you will receive 2 of our great tasting Transitions Lifestyle Meals of your choice.

*E-mail Cindy at to place your order.

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