My Manicure and Pedicure at CNY Healing Arts Center
Posted by: Jessie Briel on Aug 16, 2010 in news

Classic CNY Pedicure at CNY Healing Arts CenterAfter hopping around from salon to salon for the last 4 years of my life, I decided to search for a place that was a true spa to do my nails. I switched to CNY Healing Arts Center on East Avenue in Rochester, shortly after Meranda Thomas began working there as their first full-time esthetician.

CNY Healing Arts in Rochester uses only Aveda products for their facials and other skin treatments, such as body wraps. As far as manicures and pedicures go, they offer a wide selection of OPI Lacquers, as well as Spa Ritual polishes, which are formaldehyde-free.  Meranda uses OPI scrubs along with Aveda Foot and Hand Relief creams for nail care.
I lounged in the Meranda’s brand new nail spa room, floored with mahogany wood and decorated to perfection with tastefully patterned fabrics that were gentle on the eyes and soft to the touch. My Classic CNY Pedicure began with a foot soak, as I relaxed to the calming music and sunk back into the plush love seat.

Amidst the normal clipping, cuticle trimming, foot & nail filing, and buffing, Meranda gave me a foot scrub with a Caribbean scrub. It smelled like a Pina Colada in a bottle! And it left my feet and ankles smooth and soft. After the scrub, Meranda rubbed the Aveda Foot Relief Cream into my feet. It left them glowing with moisture.

Throughout my Classic CNY Pedicure, Meranda offered helpful, personal suggestions for nail care, specific to my skin and nails. For example, she noticed that my nails were slightly dehydrated, and recommended that I use Nail Tek III to hydrate and strengthen them.

After the pedicure was over, Meranda gave me tips to make my pedicure last, such as putting a clear coat on to keep it fresh and to keep it from chipping. By the end, I felt pampered and enlightened. My nail care experience at CNY far exceeded my expectations.


Jessie Briel
CNY Healing Arts Center, Rochester, NY

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