My Experience with Hot House Yoga
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sacred_lotus_screensaver_27846My very good friend and yoga mentor Kim (one of our CNY Healing Arts instructors!) was the first to introduce me to hot house yoga.  I was at a point in my fertility journey where I felt like I was doing everything right, but all of my results came out wrong.  I was practicing yoga 4-5 times a week, having frequent acupuncture sessions with Donald, taking my medications religiously, and following a good whole foods diet.  However, each time we did an ultrasound, my lining just refused to thicken, and my follicles were being slow pokes.  I felt incredibly frustrated, disappointed, and overwhelmed.  I had decided that if this cycle didn’t work, I would take a few months off.  Re-center, rejuvenate.

I took my Ovidrel on Thursday, and decided that I would not follow up with any further medications.  I needed a break.  On Friday, I met Kim at hot house and I was immediately met by the warmth of the room, and I could feel the energy in the air.  I settled in, and tried to clear my mind.  I was still holding onto frustration from my cycle, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fully experience the session.  However, once the class began my mind became a blank slate.  I could feel the release all of my anxiety and frustration with each exhale and pose.  I felt as though I was literally wringing out months of energy, and negativity.  I was able to move further into poses than I had ever been able to, and I used the heat and energy of the room to focus my mind and heart.  I had forgotten about my cycle, my lining and estrogen levels no longer mattered.  I was more than just ‘trying to conceive’.  I was whole again.

Two weeks later I decided to use the last pregnancy test we had in the house.  It was positive.  While it wasn’t solely hot house yoga that helped me conceive, I am sure it helped.  I now had my own yogini on the way.

I wouldn’t recommend the same timing for your hot house yoga session, as it is not recommended for pregnant women and those few critical days during intercourse, IUI, or transfer may not be best for such a rigorous workout.  However, it has amazing benefits for anytime earlier in your cycle.  You will be able to experience further depth in postures you wouldn’t normally be able to achieve due to the heat, while sweating out toxins beginning a wonderful purification.  Also, it is an incredible mental and emotional experience.  You will be working on staying calm and happy in a challenging, sweaty environment.  It is wonderful practice for quieting the mind and taking control of your life.

If you are interested, consider this unique opportunity at the Syracuse CNY Healing Arts location.  You may just surprise yourself by what your mind and body are capable of.

CNY Healing Arts Hot House Yoga

When: Friday, October 30th 6pm – 8pm
Room heated to 90 degrees!
Yoga Instructor, Kim Fischer will be leading an Intermediate Vinyasa/Hatha practice.

Cost: $15 in advance/ $20 at the door – Space is limited, sign up is required.

General Guidelines (for your safety)
Come prepared to sweat. Bring a towel and water. Do not eat at least two hours before practice. For students with 6 months experience or more. Arrive a little early to set up and get used to the temperature of the room.

Benefits: Begins purification of toxins from the body/ Encourages purification of the “monkey mind” or ego/as the tendons and muscles begin to stretch, postures that once seemed impossible will be made tangible / fosters a deep sense of health, peace and bliss.

Class will begin with a brief introduction, explanation of contraindications and centering (meditation & pranayama). Followed by a dynamic vinyasa class done to energizing music. Class will conclude with a final relaxation, yoga nidra followed by meditation.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact Kim Fischer

Good luck and have fun!



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