Massage Treatment for Your Allergies
Posted by: cnyha on May 05, 2011 in news

In 2008, a study at Harvard Medical School showed that pregnant mothers who expose their babies to stress while in the womb may increase the likelihood of their children having allergies and asthma once born.

You’re probably wondering what the link is between stress and your allergies, right? It’s what happens physically when you stress out about stuff. When you’re in the heat of it, your body releases hormones and other chemicals into your bloodstream, including histamine. Histamine is an organic chemical and plays a role in inflammatory immune responses.

Likewise, allergies are defined as hypersensitivity disorders of the immune system. This means that when your body encounters a harmless substance it perceives to be foreign and hostile (also known as an allergen), it responds in inflammation, which equals increased histamine levels.

While stress doesn’t directly cause allergies, it can provoke or worsen an allergic reaction by increasing the level of histamine in your bloodstream. Even worse, if stress persists for weeks or months at a time, the body produces cortisol (the main stress-induced hormone). If cortisol levels remain high, it damages your immune system, which makes your allergies even worse and leaves you more vulnerable to get sick.

Studies have shown that massage therapy has the ability to significantly reduce stress levels, thereby aiding in allergy relief. Beyond relieving stress, massage can also alleviate allergy symptoms by increasing circulation, releasing muscle tension and continuing to relax you long after the session has ended. Massage cannot cure your allergies, but it can help you take control of your bodily reactions to allergens by improving both your mental and physical health.

If you have difficult allergies, we urge you to give massage a try. The staff at CNY Healing Arts is friendly, professional and, most importantly, they are knowledgeable. Our massage therapists are eager to help you and will tailor each session to address a client’s specific issues and needs. To make an appointment for treatment or consultation, contact us.

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