Is There More?
Posted by: Stacey DiCerbo on Feb 16, 2010 in news

Spirit Babies BookI think we have all been in a situation where we have asked, is there more I could have done?  Is there more someone else can do for me?  In corporate America, more is better.

We have been taught to always achieve for more. The harder one works, the more you will have. Well, I am here to tell is there is more.  But more doesn’t necessarily mean more challenges that must be faced. Asking for what you want can actually be more relaxing and more rewarding.  I am here to talk about the world that doesn’t exist on earth.  Meditation, mediation, guided imagery, and clairvoyance can lead you to a world beyond this world. I was interested in what lies ahead of this world long before I met Kelly Ballard.  A client of CNY Fertility & Healing Arts in Latham, NY,  introduced Kelly to me.  As soon as I heard Kelly’s voice on the phone, I knew there was more.  Now I had to find out, how to get more.

Kelly’s soft-spoken voice and calming aura surrounded me as we met for the first time at in the CNY Fertility & Healing Arts offices.  Instantaneously I was engulfed in her energy.  But what surprised me is how quickly she focused in on my energy and the Spirit Babies that were around me.  I was familiar with Spirit Babies and the book written by Walter Makichen.

I had not a clue that giggling little bundles of energy were surrounding me.  Kelly taught me how the energies around me were waiting to enter this dimension.  Some had tried to enter, only to learn that it was not their time.  They would have to wait.  That evening, Kelly brought Spirit Babies to CNY Fertility.  Our evening began with our clients relaxing and listening to Kelly’s meditation CD, Beginnings. Then each participant was able to experience first hand, Kelly’s expertise with the spirit world.  Kelly brought energy, hope, excitement, and yes, some tears to our clients.  But she brought them more. She gave them the energy to continue their journeys whatever pathway they would have to follow.  Kelly also brought something to me that I will cherish forever.  I always want to do more for our clients at CNY Fertility & Healing Arts. Every one of our clients are so special that I knew there was more I could do for them.  Kelly focused on my energy to bring these Spirit Babies to each of you. I focus every day on what special entity will enter this dimension. I know I have found More.

Kelly Ballard will be joining CNY Fertility Center, Latham, NY on March 16th, at 7pm,  for a repeat energy group of Spirit Babies. Please join us! RSVP to Stacey Dicerbo at

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