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Posted by: Stacey DiCerbo on May 21, 2010 in news

Collective MindIn this next edition of, Is There More?… we will be focusing on the Garden of the Mind.

Do you have loss of faith or hope? Do you feel your mind focuses on the negative? Do you feel nothing good happens to you? Mary Qualters, owner of the Chakra Garden for Mind and Body Healing recently joined the Circle Of Hope Support Group in the Latham office for an evening of Spring Cleaning—Getting rid of the negativity. Mary started the evening asking the group, how many times have they heard, “I understand” when it comes to discussing infertility with family and friends. Mary understands. She herself had a fertility journey which she shared with all of us. Mary guided us through her journey and while she did not ever achieve a child, she created a garden of hope, a center for healing. Mary’s garden became her child. Mary welcomes clients to her garden and is fulfilled by their achievements and success. Mary shared the garden of the mind. We need to keep well that garden and weed out all the negative energy. We are to have no weeds in our gardens. Mary led us on a pathway of vibrations. She encourages us to vibrate in a happy place.

The most important goal in our lives is to feel good. We want to achieve the highest vibration possible. The goal and the highest vibration in our group that evening would be to achieve having a baby. The lowest vibration would be depression and despair. Even anger is a higher vibration than depression. With anger, we feel an emotion, and that is better than feeling nothing at all. Mary highly encourages the group to keep your eye on the target. Don’t focus on how you will achieve it, just know that you will. One of the participants in the group questioned Mary, “How do you go on after a negative outcome?” Mary likened the situation to when you hurt your toe. Allow the hurt to happen and then when your toe is not throbbing in pain, you can start again. You can achieve a higher vibration when the pain has dissipated. Another participant asked, “How can you move on when you feel like you’ve done something wrong in not achieving a pregnancy?” Mary tells us Do Not analyze what you’ve done “wrong.” It’s not your job. No one is at fault. Take this burden off your shoulders and keep an eye on what you want. Act as if you already have achieved your goals. Expect a good outcome.
And a good outcome it shall be.

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