Institute for Healthy Aging
Posted by: cnyha on Dec 21, 2015 in articles

The next idea is the Institute for Healthy Aging – not anti-aging, not for sustained health, but for Healthy Aging.  We are all going to age and we are all going to die.  In the process, why don’t we learn how to better utilize our environment, our minds, our bodies, and find joy and happiness in many of the challenges that God and the universe has created for each of us?

Disease will come – cancers, inflammatory conditions, strokes, heart disease, etc.  But, we have some new methods and ideas that maybe we need to learn and tap into that are a complete 180-degree change from what we’ve been taught.  Maybe we don’t need as much exercise?  Maybe we don’t need to be eating all those fruits, vegetables and fibers?  Maybe we need to be eating more of the fat we’ve been told not to eat?  Maybe we need begin to not wrestle with work/life balance, but focus on finding that joy in whatever we are doing – work, home, family, whatever the challenge is– find joy within that!  That’s the idea for the Institute for Healthy Aging.

We want to begin to bring us together, all of us, with new ideas.  There’s so much out there that’s been around for thousands of year, but we are pushed around by marketing gurus about this and that and money. Money is the energy of the universe.  I’m not against that.   I’m interested in how to bring new and valuable ideas to all of us to help find a journey, a path.  Whether it’s marred with failures, bumps, ripples, twists and turns (that’s how the painting  and art of life comes–through challenges, problems, and learning)– it’s all good.  There are many ideas out there.  What you’re feeling, thinking and experiencing is not unhealthy or harmful.  It’s part of the journey of life.

Institute for Healthy Aging.  NOT anti-aging, because anti-aging is taking a gun to your head now.  We are all for the aging process, and recognize that it might end tomorrow, 5 years or 50 years.  Whatever your time might be, enjoy all of it!

This is Dr. Rob just throwing out some ideas for creating something new, vibrant, holistic and hospitable.  Not a hospital, but a resort /destination spot to bring people together to share new and vibrant ideas.  God Bless!

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