In Touch With Mother Nature
Posted by: cnyha on May 25, 2009 in news

New York offers some of the most beautiful and plush landscapes in the country. Whether covered in a blanket of snow or in blooming flowers, Mother Nature is vibrant in our area and gives us many reasons to get in touch with her beauty. A part of nourishing the mind-body-spirit connection is enjoying your physical surroundings, no matter what time of year it is. The area offers many great ways to get out and enjoy the spring season. One of the most exciting adventures Mother Nature has helped to create is exploring the river’s white water on a white water rafting tour. If it is something you have never tried before, this spring is a great time to get in touch with nature and create thrilling stories in the process.

Spring is the peak season for white water rafting (WWR) since the thawing snow creates amazing rapids in the rivers. In addition to the natural flowing white water, there are also dam releases that increase the vigor of the rapids. There are several companies that provide guided white water rafting tours and instruction. WWR is a great activity for all ages and fitness levels. White water rafters range in age from 8 to 88, depending on the type of rapids. Each part of the river creates a different skill level, from little drops to bodacious white water. Starting off on a level 1 will give you the thrills of experiencing nature and the excitement of the rapids.

A typical trip is four to five hours on the river, a break is taken half way through, and there is usually some kind of barbecue or party at the end of the day for all the participants. The raft usually consists of 8 people guised in flotation vests, helmets and paddles. The scenery is amazing as you venture down the river; you will see wild life and often be able to swim in the calmer areas of the water. The guides are fun loving white water enthusiasts, aimed at providing an exciting and safe adventure.

The accomplishment you feel after a great day on the river with friends or family shows that a little bit of excitement can round out your ongoing relationship with Mother Nature, and with your own mind, body and spirit. You will be reliving the moments for years to come. Cost averages around $50-$80 per person depending on the class of river. You can get more information about WWR trips from the links below.

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