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Posted by: cnyha on May 25, 2009 in news

Experiences bring together people’s energy and ignite their souls, sometimes creating a change for life. We invited some of our yoga for fertility clients to share their experiences with you.

“Regular yoga is wonderful when trying to get pregnant, but there is something really special about coming together with a group of strong women who are all on the same difficult path to meditate, restore, and reflect on their own journeys- while supporting each other in ways that only those who truly understand the path to fertility can. I always leave feeling uplifted, refreshed, and stronger than ever!” -anonymous

“Meeting and talking with other women that have been going through the same thing has been one of the most important parts of my journey and my healing. I no longer feel alone and I finally feel that I am understood. Along with the connections that I have made with others, yoga, acupuncture and massage have helped me focus on myself and to find my inner peace and strength. Thank you CNY!”- anonymous

“Yoga for fertility has taught me…
that I have power within myself
to use the power from within
that I have so many blessings
to appreciate my many blessings
that I have so much to offer
to remember to offer what I have
that at any given time, I can find serenity
to tap into that serenity
that I may have limitations
to remember that my triumphs far outweigh any limitations
that it is safe to have faith
to let faith be my guide.” – April

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