How To Be TRUE To Yourself
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Lauren Krug, Esthetician, CNY Healing ArtsBy Lauren Krug, NYS Licensed Esthetician and Nail Specialty

At CNY Healing Arts Latham NY, our esthetics team strives to give our clients the very best options for all their skin care needs and concerns. But with so many skin care options out in the market these days, it has become difficult to know exactly what products will work best for you and your unique skin care needs. The reality is most people simply won’t take the time to research products and understand what ingredients work and what ingredients are actually bad for your skin! It has come to light that alot of commonly used skin care ingredients will actually harm your skin over time, some of these ingredients being mineral oil, fragrances, parabens and alcohols.

I have worked with dozens of skin care lines over the years and I have to say, TRUE skin care has managed to merge both a wellness experience and dermatological results. One of TRUE’s philosophies is every ingredient and every product counts. There are no fillers, no harsh fragrances and the light refreshing scent of the products comes from pure botanical oils to calm and soothe the skin. TRUE products address all skin types and conditions, as therapeutic essential oils will compliment a variety of different types of people.

TRUE consists of three core collections for skin types – Restoring for Dry, Balancing for Combination and Harmonizing for Oily. For specific skin conditions, there is Purifying for Acne and Comforting for Sensitive. The Anti-Aging Collection compliments all with clinically proven results featuring the powerful, multifunctional antioxidant Idebenone. Clinical studies show the Anti-Aging Collection delivers a 92% overall improvement in skin after 6 weeks of use. Idebenone is a breakthrough cosmeceutical and multifunctional antioxidant known for its powerful, anti-aging and skin brightening capabilities. By effectively neutralizing toxic free radicals, Idebenone reduces cellular oxidative stress to revitalize cells, visibly regenerating and strengthening skin from the inside out. What results is smoother, brighter and more youthful-looking skin.

During our classic European facial at CNY Healing Arts, Latham NY, you will be amazed by the relaxing treatment room and be lead through your facial experience with a fully customized treatment to your unique needs. We offer an upgrade to our European facial, the Personalized Experience facial. During this facial you will receive an enzyme peel which will gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your soft and luminous. The facial will include extractions, luxurious arm/hand and neck/shoulder massage.

Treat your skin to the very best we have to offer! Every facial will end with recommendations of products you can add to your current skin care regime. Let us at CNY Healing Arts be your stop for wellness based skin care and work with estheticians that truly love and believe in what they do!

By Lauren Krug
Licensed Esthetician
CNY Healing Arts, Albany NY

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