Honoring Loss: A Creative Workshop Toward Healing Grief
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Honoring Loss:
A Creative Workshop toward Healing Grief

“Being alive requires of us a relationship with the mysterious
life-long experience of letting go”  –Molly Fumia

CNY Healing Arts is pleased to offer you a complimentary workshop to help honor our losses and process our grief.  This workshop is meant for anyone who is dealing with loss. It may be the loss of a family member, a dear friend, an unborn child, a long held dream or wish, a pet, a relationship, a sense of meaning… any loss that touches you in a deep way. Our wish is to create a safe and sacred space to process the grief, in whatever form that takes, and begin (or continue) the journey of healing.

The workshop will include:
– Creation of community with others experiencing loss
– Quiet time of reflection &/or writing
– A ritual to create a symbolic expression of your grief, and
– A sacred space for sharing and building relationship with your grief

Date:  Saturday, June 28th 1-4pm

Location: CNY Healing Arts, 191 Intrepid Lane

Facilitators:  Cheryl Flynn, MD, MS, MA & Elaine Wolf Steinberg, LMFT, MSW

If interested, please call 671-5755; advance registration is required to ensure we have enough supplies. If you have questions about the workshop, please ask to speak with Elaine.

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