Eastern Meditation and Energy Balance
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Eastern philosophies place a huge emphasis on relaxation and meditation which is necessary for bringing balance into people’s lives. It is believed that the mind-body-spirit connection works as a whole to bring about this state of harmony.

There are different practices used, such as Chakra cleansing or Qigong, but they all focus on the similar idea of how the energies within our bodies affect our entire being.

There are seven major chakra centers which are associated with our physical, mental, and emotional selves. If you’re going through a stressful time or are going through an emotionally-challenging period in your life, your heart chakra has grief, hurt and pain, frustration, and maybe even anger. This, in turn, can result in a blocked chakra which can cause upper back, arm, and maybe even problems with the heart or lungs. Opening up the heart chakra through yoga poses and meditation can move this stagnant energy and help to bring balance.

With Qigong (translation-qi “life force”, gong “skilled, practiced accomplishment”), the focus is similar encompassing postures, breathing, and focused meditation and intention. In eastern medicine, it really is known more as complementary alternative medicine and is highly recommended by health care professionals. Like chakras, qigong believes in “dantians” or energy centers.

In Chinese medicine, there is a focus on IMBT or “Integrative Mind Body Training”. There was a study performed by scientists Yi-Yuan Tang, Michael Posner, et. al which showed that meditation improved mood and increased brain signaling. Researchers said the experimental group specifically showed lower levels of anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue than students in the control group.

CNY Healing Arts Centers are offering great meditation classes this month to help with the  awareness of these energies within our bodies, how they affect our bodies, and ways to help us unblock them. By doing so through meditation and movement, we bring balance and a state of calm into our lives.

Albany: Meditation Class
Thursdays, November 8th & 29th from 4:30-5:40pm – FREE
Join Suzanne Maguire for this meditation class to clear your mind and enjoy an hour of relaxation, healing and an opportunity to focus on you! Please RSVP to 518-724-5750.

Rochester: Meditation & Movement
Tuesday, November 13th, 5:15-6:15pm – Fee $20
With Shelley Szymko-Carroll, L.Ac: Calm & de-stress with gentle movements that are used to open and relax the mind making meditation easy to achieve. We will use simple visualizations to focus the mind and instill relaxation & peace. This class is for beginners, as well as those who meditate regularly. All participants will enjoy a restorative, profound mind-body experience that combines movements, meditation & visualizations. RSVP required at 585.244.1280 ext. 2.

Syracuse: Cutting the Ties That Bind: Chakra Cleansing Meditation
Saturday, November 17th, 12:00-3:00pm – Fee $30
We each have an energetic system of 7 primary Chakras, spinning vortices located in the astral body, a subtle energetic plane that interpenetrates the physical body. These centers are portals that connect the physical body with our higher Self, Spirit or Source. Each resonates at a specific energetic vibration, essential to the proper functioning of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Our entire being can be thrown out of balance, if the Chakras become blocked with energies we have taken on from others with whom we are in relationship. Energy Healer, Katrin Naumann, will lead us through a dynamic ritual meditation to clear, balance and restore the Chakra System. By bringing to the surface deep seated emotional and psychic connections and then cleansing these stagnant energies, the Shakti or Vital Energy of the Body will again be able to move through more freely, ultimately restoring vitality, joy, and the love of Life. Please dress accordingly, as a portion of the experience will take place outside. Pre-registration is required. Please call 315.671.5755 to reserve your spot.


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