Ear Candling Can Relieve Discomfort from Sinus Pressure
Posted by: Jessie Briel on Jul 01, 2010 in news

Ear Candling at CNY Healing Arts Center in RochesterAfter I had suffered from severe seasonal allergies for about a week, I finally scheduled an appointment for Ear Candling at CNY Healing Arts Center on East Avenue in Rochester, New York. I was lucky enough to observe Meranda Thomas, one of CNY’s Estheticians, perform an Ear Candling demonstration the week before. I made a mental note that I would like to schedule the treatment in the future, but never thought that the time would come so soon for me.

With painful sinus pressure around my ears and a swollen anterior gland, I turned to Meranda for advice. She spoke to me about the benefits of Ear Candling for a person who struggles with allergies, affirming that when the cone-shaped fabric candle is lit, the smoking end, which is carefully inserted into your ear, draws toxins, impurities, and wax out of your ear canal. This can loosen up any blockages that may be causing sinus pressure or discomfort. At that point, I was willing to do anything in my power to relieve the pain I was having, to avoid getting a sinus infection…or worse… an ear infection.

I arrived at my Ear Candling appointment with my hopes high, but was still a bit skeptical about what this treatment had to offer. I hadn’t heard much about it before it became available at CNY. Meranda lit the candle, and explained to me that I might hear a light crackling noise in my ear, but at no point would the treatment be painful or even uncomfortable. She was right. I laid on my side on the treatment bed, and she began the process, inserting the smoky end of the candle slightly into my ear. As the candle diminished in size, Meranda cut the ash from the end that was lit into a small bowl filled with water. She did this until the candle was a few inches long. While performing the treatment, Meranda gently massaged my temples and around my ears with natural lavender essential oils.

When both ears had been candled, Meranda showed me the contents of what was left of the candles. I won’t go into detail, but it’s safe to say that I am glad to be rid of them! I felt instant relief when I sat up, almost like when you clean a pair of dirty glasses and put them back on to see crystal clear.

The next morning, when I woke up, I no longer felt the pressure that haunted my ears for the past week. The swollen gland that used to hurt when I swallowed was no longer inflamed. Ear Candling had solved my allergy crisis.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ear Candling or would like to schedule an appointment at our Rochester CNY Healing Arts Center, please call 585.244.1280 and ask for Meranda Thomas.


Jessie Briel
CNY Healing Arts Center, Rochester, NY

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  1. Lauren on Thu, 1st Jul 2010 10:59 am 

    Great article Jessie! You explained it beautifully. Glad you are feeling better!

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