Dr. Rob’s Mommy-Baby Yoga
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Dr. Rob and CNY Healing Arts are hosting a Mommy-Baby Yoga class series with Tiffany Gallagher.



Dates: Sundays 9/7 (free demo class), 9/14, 9/21, 10/5

Time: 10:15am-11:00am
Cost: $55 for 4 week session
Baby Ages: 3 months to 12 months, not yet walking
Register: Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Call CNY Healing Arts 315.671.5755
(Daddy-baby partners are welcome too, especially for twins!)

What is mommy baby yoga?
You and your baby are becoming stronger. This class will increase your energy and build your strength. You will help your baby in increasing their strength in preparation for crawling. This class will also prepare and guide you to build on your yoga practice. As your baby becomes more mobile, they will really enjoy climbing on you during standing poses. They will even be able to do yoga poses with you. In this class baby is three months through one year, but not walking. If your baby begins to walk during this class, we will embrace his milestone and all of the other babies can learn from them!

What should baby and I wear?
Loose comfortable clothing is recommended for all class levels. Sports bras and apparel are not necessary, unless of course you love to wear them. You baby should be comfortable in basic cotton apparel. Onesies and cotton bottoms (or no bottoms if temperature allows) are ideal.

What will I need to bring?
A yoga mat for you and a blanket for your baby (yoga mats are available at CNY Healing Arts).

What if my baby is hungry during the class?
You and your baby’s needs come first. Our class will be an environment where you do not have do be uneasy. You are welcome to move to the side, to change or feed your baby.

What if my baby is fussy and cries?
After a few classes, your baby will begin to relax into the environment. It is normal for your baby to fuss, especially when they are on their belly. Comfort her and try again. No worries.

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