Couples Yoga: Break Boundaries and Strengthen Bonds
Posted by: cnyha on Feb 03, 2011 in news

In any relationship, there’s going to be a little give-and-take. If you know anything about healthy relationships, you know that communication is the foundation of a positive partnership. This includes everything from what you talk about to how you look at each other to what you wear when you go out. Nonverbal communication is often just as, if not more, significant as talking and sharing your ideas/feelings with each other.

Couples yoga is a unique form of nonverbal communication. Instead of dinner and a movie, try locking arms back-to-back to feel one another’s breathing. Try bending and twisting, curling into a ball, and crawling on top of one another. As you use special techniques of supporting and caring for your partner, couples yoga will help exchange energies between you and yours. It will elevate your relationship from the physical to the spiritual level, encouraging harmony and keeping you more in tune with each other on a daily basis.

            In couples yoga, postures can be developed and extended by using the support and guidance of a partner, especially when there are restrictions because of injury or individual capability. When enjoying yoga with your loved one, you can also benefit from an atmosphere of greater relaxation by

  • Not overanalyzing the situation – if you begin a couples yoga class with an existing partner. Talk to your partner prior to the start of the class (in a comfortable setting to discourage any negative energy). You should not be expecting the class to remedy any specific relationship problems you are facing. Rather, approach couples yoga with an open heart and mind to learn and grow by connecting through yoga.
  • Treating your partner as you would like to be treated. Sound familiar? Don’t forget your role as a supportive partner: to listen and share openly. On the contrary, don’t be so worried that your partner isn’t having a good time that you forget to enjoy yourself. If you can achieve this, you will surely feel the rewards.
  • Cherishing the experience. There are not many other forms of couples exercise like this. Yoga provides such an atmosphere to connect and strengthen bonds in a relationship. Be present and focused on each other during couples yoga. Relax and laugh together. 

At each CNY Healing Arts Center (Syracuse, Rochester, Albany), we will be hosting a couples yoga class on February 12, 2011. These workshops will serve as a great Valentine’s Day celebration for couples that will be busy on the actual day (since Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year). Contact us for more information or to RSVP.

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