CNY Healing Arts now offers Laser Acupuncture
Posted by: cnyha on Feb 09, 2009 in news

Call our Syracuse Center at 315.671.5755 for more information on laser acupuncture or to schedule a treatment.

laseracupuncture.jpgLaser acupuncture was first developed over 30 years ago in China as a way for practitioners to offer a non needle modality. Research soon spread to America and American acupuncturist found the value of the laser. Laser Acupuncture boosts a practitioners collection of modalities.

Laser acupuncture consists of a red beam “laser” that is between 600-1000 mill watts. The laser is directed at specific acupuncture points to stimulate the body’s energy. The duration and intensity of the beam depends on the condition that is being treated. Laser acupuncture is a nice non-invasive substitution to acupuncture. Laser acupuncture has show results in treating low back pain, carpal tunnel, and tmj.

* Rates for Laser Acupuncture are $100 per hour

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